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At that date, people are to go out to the place of prayer showing humbleness, submissiveness and neediness of Allah, the Exalted, as Ibn 'Abbas ( may Allah be pleased with him) said: "Allah's Messenger, sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam, went out to perform the Prayer for Rain showing humility, humbleness, and submissiveness, and supplicating (Allah).
The irony is that the candidates are struggling to present different positions on the Cyprus problem, being aware that no difference exists -- Akel candidate Stavros Malas is the only one talking about a settlement, but cautiously so that his hard-line rivals do not accuses him of excessive submissiveness -- because they have no differences on any other issues.
The culture of submissiveness and surrender caused your immigration and that of your ancestors, but it also led us to fall under the pains of occupation; however, we are determined to defeat the culture of surrender.
The old lessons of submissiveness and fragility made us victims.
Don't we really mind Duterte's submissiveness toward China?
It can be argued, therefore, that the hero may introduce an alternative perspective on women's submissiveness and the possibility of their liberation within existing and ever developing social structures.
Malleability, submissiveness and obedience are considered to be the most desirable virtues in a daughter and indispensable, if she is to be lovingly moulded into the society's age-old concepts of a good girl.
The structured amalgam of white, black, and pink gold diamonds create a powerful effect, the piece illustrating the interplay between submissiveness and seduction.
The handout suggested nurses had a history of powerlessness and submissiveness to mostly male physicians and administrators.
2 genetically targeted to LVPCs), combines them with selective neuropharmacological challenges and 5-HT2A specific ethological observations, and reveals within the brain of waking mice whether it is indeed LVPCs and their submissiveness to 5-HT2A-glutamate interaction that represent the point pivot of the cortical action of LSD.
I do not want them to get the terrible Turkish education that does not teach and instill in them good manners and critical thinking but rather submissiveness to authority without question.
Dependent personality disorder includes features such as submissiveness, anxiety, and separation insecurity, which bring marked disorders for individuals in their life experiences (APA, 2003, 2013; Clark, 1990; Gore, Presnall, Miller, Lynam, & Widiger, 2012; Millon et al.