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She does it of course - but does it slowly with the kind of look that dares the other not to push her too far then punctuates her reluctant submissiveness with an acerbic stab at, ``Yes.
Sexually aroused by her submissiveness, he identifies/targets her as prey.
Many people who indulge in domination and bondage consider it the ultimate sexual experience: it heightens their level of arousal as power and submissiveness are great aphrodisiacs - and it frees them from the usual constraints of the `natural' sexual order.
There is good evidence that men high in status smile less and that smiling is sometimes interpreted as a sign of submissiveness.
Don't smile or look away too often, as this can indicate submissiveness.
The only explanation I can think off is the degree of submissiveness we, the Palestinian citizens of Israel, have learned to accept and practice.
The natural immature reaction at a secular university is to rebel, whereas the natural Steubenville immaturity is to confuse religious docility with submissiveness and a failure to recognize your legitimate freedoms," one alumnus said.
Because to be black becomes a badge of authenticity and authenticity is tied with rejection of a world straight-jacketed by interdictions, blacks' behavior gains admiration when it is at its most self-righteously self-assertive, however outlandish, whereas whites can only score points through submissiveness.
Bin Laden said the army operation, in which 100 were killed, "demonstrated Musharraf's insistence on continuing his loyalty, submissiveness and aid to America against the Muslims.
Thus the introduction of an alternatively raced body into the home, Chinese men, was discussed in terms of the exchange of racial traits - Irish unpredictability, disrespect, and Catholicism traded for Chinese submissiveness, secrecy, and alien cultural practices.
She identifies four virtuous qualities that constituted the ideal characteristics of white women in American culture: piety or religious devotion, purity or chastity, submissiveness to male prerogative, and domesticity.
Obedience and submissiveness are to the apprentice unjustified demands.