submit oneself to

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A more humanly fulfilling reason to work and submit oneself to the harsh demands of a job is to seek always the good and welfare of the others more than and above one's comfort and convenience.
The willingness to submit oneself to the voice of the poem would be courageous, except for the poet it's not a matter of choice.
We don't want this, but I am convinced that the thinking of many of our ex-combatants is that it's preferable to get killed in the mountains than submit oneself to 40-year jail sentences.
All that are needed are a willingness to submit oneself to scrutiny and a grasp of the Bengali language.
To attend to the source of this living water and to submit oneself to its refreshment is at least part of what it means to be engaged in proper worship.
I devoured The Register-Guard's April 1 article, "Mammogram still the best test," in which it is suggested that there is no definitive reason to submit oneself to the anxiety, pain and expense of a mammogram because there's no real proof it can save your life.