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For Pre-award And Award Notification Purposes, If You Are Submitting A Proposal In Response To This Rfp, Enter And Submit $0 Here Prior To The Proposal Submittal Deadline.
The municipality reviewed the data compilation mechanism and data submittal methods as per the new standards, in addition to the quality control tool designed to carry out the process of auditing and issuing reports to avoid errors.
The municipality urged the contractors and consultants to follow the roads data submittal process via the GIS during and the delivery and completion phases of road projects.
Submittal Exchange is a collaborative online system that improves communications and processes related to exchanging, reviewing and archiving construction submittals, RFIs and other construction communications.
Once the required state agencies are identified, other local jurisdictions may also need to approve the plans prior to submittal to the local municipality.
The QA submittal provides the NRC staff with the information needed to make a full and complete evaluation of this section in support of the COLA process.
This is important for three reasons: first, any questions broached before the project is underway are usually free; second, it prevents loss of time once the actual project has started; and third, it ensures that the submittal is complete and accurate when the test engineer receives it.
The checklists should identify the issue and the submittal requirements stating when the submittal is due, who will receive it and what action is required to complete it.
This site contains information on: (1) Electronic Data Interchange claims submittal software; (2) Electronic Data Interchange Front-end Test submittals (phone numbers to contact Fiscal Intermediaries and Carriers to arrange for front-end acceptance testing of electronic data; links to Medicare contractor front-end te sting procedures are included); (3) Medicare Fiscal Intermediaries (Part A) on Y2K issues other than EDI submittal of claims data; (4) Medicare Carriers (Part B) on Y2K issues other than EDI submittal of claims; (5) Y2K Coordinators by Region; and (6) Medicaid Directors by State.
Often, putting together a submittal for consideration is a very time-consuming and tedious process.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 8, 2014-Raleigh firm uses Submittal Exchange to streamline submittal process.