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In order to maintain an ultra-thin and lightweight product, many new versions of the subnotebook computer do not include necessary storage devices such as CD-ROM drives," said Les Luzar, division manager of TEAC's Data Storage Products Division.
For more information on the ZEOS Contenda subnotebook computer, contact the company's toll free sales line at 800/423-5891 whcih is staffed 24 hours a day.
This capability allows professors to use the powerful subnotebook for inclass demonstrations.
3-V and 5-V outputs makes the Si9138 ideal for mobile power-supply applications, including notebook and subnotebook computers, PDAs, mobile communicators, and portable displays.
Delivery of 60 pieces subnotebook systems including accessories.
The Silicon Sport Notebook Wetsuits will carry and protect notebook and subnotebook computers.
To get there tomorrow, it is laying the groundwork today with the launch of a high-performance notebook computer line and its first subnotebook series, the Senslite 200.
The handheld SIDEARM is part of Melard's suite of wireless data products that includes the Enduro full-sized, rugged notebook, the Enduro LE full-sized, semi-rugged notebook and the SCOUT2 All-Terrain Subnotebook.
This Dominic Sena ("Gone in 60 Seconds") directed, Joel Silver ("The Matrix") produced, blockbuster also enlists the help of leading actress Halle Berry alongside Melard's SCOUT2 subnotebook and SIDEARM handheld computer.
The Enduro, in combination with our hand-held SIDEARM(TM), SCOUT2(TM) subnotebook and Enduro LE(TM), enables Melard to meet any customer need with the industry's most comprehensive breadth of rugged, mobile and wireless data systems.
Two things, both related to Windows 8: A challenge from the low-priced Windows-on-ARM subnotebooks that I mentioned last month, and confusion between laptops and tablets as users - even at the cost of extra weight, thickness, and, well, cost - demand touch screens to take advantage of Win 8's new interface.