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The number of dragonflies known from the Department of Huila was increased to 29 species, 15 in the suborder Anisoptera and 14 in the suborder Zygoptera.
The Soil Orders that registered low or no confidence, such as the Chromosols, Ferrosols and Dermosols, have highly conflicting characters in the Suborder and Great Group tiers.
The assemblages are dominated by representatives of the suborder Lagenina (90%), followed by Textulariina (6.
We first compared the proportion of species in the uncommon/rare category to the proportion of common species between the suborders Anisoptera and Zygoptera (Table 1).
I compared N masses among trophic levels across orders or suborders with analysis of variance.
Most molecular phylogenetic studies of beetles (order Coleoptera) using 18S rDNA have recovered the suborders Adephaga and Polyphaga as sister groups, together sister to the suborders Myxophaga and Archostemata, with Archostemata alone or in combination with Myxophaga as the closest relative of all other beetles.
While the CARP outputs reported by Stockwell (1999) and Stockwell and Peters (1999) take the form of probability that a species is present at each point within an area of interest, DesktopGarp output is in binary (Pereira 2005), as 1 indicating presence and 0 absence of a given Suborder at each of the grid points.
Wetland soils in this case are mainly represented by Suborder Aquolls, belonging to Order Mollisols.
There are six categories of classification in Soil Taxonomy ranging from very broad and encompassing to the field scale: (1) order, (2) suborder, (3) great group, (4) subgroup, (5) family, (6) series.
The ASC has as its highest level the Soil Order followed by Suborder, Great Group, Subgroup, and Family.
To the Editor: Bacteria of the genus Williamsia are mycolic acid containing actinomycetes of the suborder Corynebacterineae (1).
They are members of the suborder Megachiroptera and the family Pteropodidae.