subordinate group

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The several subordinate groups in any class cannot be ranked in a single file, but seem rather to be clustered round points, and these round other points, and so on in almost endless cycles.
dominant group converge with those of the subordinate group, as in
In efforts to marginalize a subordinate group and continue the established social structure, the preponderance of evidence shows that the dominant group using its influence to shrink the potential size of the minority's electorate, thereby undermining the political power of subordinate groups (Alexander, 2010; Manza & Uggen, 2008).
And, for all of these women, as for any subordinate group anywhere, fascism appealed to what social scientists call "last-place aversion": the desire to outrank other groups.
The study focused on the principle of hypodescent, which posits that multi-racial individuals are categorized according to their most socially subordinate group membership.
Additionally, two loopholes invalidate the simple and unmodified suppression hypothesis: (1) we must specify the relative strength of social capital in the dominant and subordinate groups; (2) we must specify the extent of bridging social capital between the dominant and subordinate group.
The titles alone suggest that the course descriptions of each were different but, in hindsight, it is now clear that the one thing that they had in common was that they did pertain, in some way, to the creation of subordinate group statuses.
A subordinate group has less power, wealth, social status, and poorer health care, and is often engaged in more high-risk occupations.
The super visor group was primarily male (80%) and Caucasian (87%), as was the subordinate group (79% male; 84% Caucasian).
Nor do most persons of the subordinate group gain greater self-esteem because they know these historical truths.
THE dominance hierarchy of rats kept in groups can show as repeated bites to the subordinate group members by the dominant rat.
The body will meet again next week to work on finalizing a draft interim report prepared by a subordinate group of the ruling parties for considering how to revise the law by finding more common ground between the two ruling parties, its members said.