subordinate part

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The second aerial power in Europe at this time was France; the British, nervous for their Asiatic empire, and sensible of the immense moral effect of the airship upon half-educated populations, had placed their aeronautic parks in North India, and were able to play but a subordinate part in the European conflict.
He sees and presents his subjects as wholes, enlivening them with realistic details and pictures, but keeping the subordinate parts subordinate and disposing of the less important events in rapid summaries.
I'm sure the people of Wales won't take gladly to being treated as a subordinate part of the UK by the Westminster parties.
US officials said the Taliban envoys in Doha had been authorized to talk by Mullah Omar, the main Taliban figurehead, and that Haqqani's group is "a fully subordinate part of the overall insurgency.
In particular, any account of Bacon in which his great instauration "is only a subordinate part of his philosophic reflection" needs a fuller explanation of the apparently dominant place the project holds in Bacon's public and private writings.
Unit space could not exceed 600 square feet or 20 percent less than the total square footage of the existing home; the unit would also have to be a clearly subordinate part of the single-family dwelling.
And maybe the Russian goal was to control the oil pipeline that cuts across Georgia, or to regain control over what was once a subordinate part of the old Soviet Union.
In that event, officers' safety becomes a subordinate part of the general welfare of the citizenry in the attack area.
Despite Warff, its clients usually see it as part of architecture, and often a subordinate part.
US officials have declared that the UN will be given, at best, a subordinate part in the political reconstruction of Iraq.
Culture itself has become the real religion of our time, adsorbing traditional religion as a subordinate part of itself.
Although we cannot embrace the ancient appreciation of the world as ordered and divine and laden with value, a world of which we are a subordinate part, and when knowledgeable of our status, a world of which we are a happy part, we nonetheless are to appropriate some version of Stoic amor fati.