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Their shifting stances in various formal spaces could be interpreted as the calculated steps of subordinately placed "actors" who creatively engage familiar political terrains to sustain or build agency.
By virtue of being raised small [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], silent, and subordinately female, I cannot but infer that I am yet less than the Chinese men who are portrayed as such abject objects of contempt in these narratives.
The old me would have bowed down subordinately not wanting to cause a scene but the new pregnant me grew tall.
Adkins, (231) it upheld a statute allowing private coal producers to propose minimum coal prices to a government commission on the grounds that the industry merely "function[ed] subordinately to the Commission," which retained the ultimate authority to implement legislative standards.
The cultural landscape can be urban or rural but must be subordinately aligned to the heritage site in context.
2: something that is subordinately related to a larger event or work." The Notes to the Financial Statements on the other hand are an inseparable part of the financial statements and are not bibliographic references or ancillary comments--in other words, they are not footnotes or endnotes.
We never observed a case where one squirrel behaved both "dominantly" and "subordinately" towards a given conspecific within the same video clip.
In futher western regions in India, the Siwalik sandstones are mainly lithic arenites and subordinately sublitharenites in the Dehradun sub-basin and the Kangra sub-basin (Ranjan and Banerjee, 2009).
In contrast with the two major elements that define Matilda's tomb--the statue and the sarcophagus--the visual correspondents of martial activity traditionally associated with men are subordinately incorporated.
The [private industry] members of the code function subordinately to the [government] Commission.
"The value, then, is to be found(...) only subordinately to that in feeling pleasure or pain as such".
This Parental Nomotheticall Authority is therefore natural, first (d) because the Child subordinately unto the Divine causality (e) and infuence, had his being from his Parents, especially the Father, or at least the chief active Instrument under God of his generation 2.