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Their shifting stances in various formal spaces could be interpreted as the calculated steps of subordinately placed "actors" who creatively engage familiar political terrains to sustain or build agency.
In futher western regions in India, the Siwalik sandstones are mainly lithic arenites and subordinately sublitharenites in the Dehradun sub-basin and the Kangra sub-basin (Ranjan and Banerjee, 2009).
In contrast with the two major elements that define Matilda's tomb--the statue and the sarcophagus--the visual correspondents of martial activity traditionally associated with men are subordinately incorporated.
The [private industry] members of the code function subordinately to the [government] Commission.
This Parental Nomotheticall Authority is therefore natural, first (d) because the Child subordinately unto the Divine causality (e) and infuence, had his being from his Parents, especially the Father, or at least the chief active Instrument under God of his generation 2.
They do so in a manner that allows them to circumscribe the range of policy choices available to those states and agents subordinately embedded within these structures.
The most evident of the deterioration phenomena were a very evident brown patina covering most of the stone surface flaking, and subordinately, exfoliation, powdering, cracking and losses which were variously distributed over the facade of monuments (Figure 12), but mostly concentrated in its lower part where a strong water capillary-rise reaches.
While Yeats's A Vision (both of them) and all his and his wife's conjurations of that "all philosophy" which informs his oeuvre yet "must not show," makes the work a challenge to uninformed readers, so that the creative products can seem to illustrate the very ineffable and abstract systems that were meant to subordinately inform them.
I grew up positioned subordinately as one of the poor, and as a girl in a polygamous fundamentalist Mormon culture.
The perennial questions of literacy education are only subordinately about method.
22) This concept specifically leads China's economic and, later, military development in a reciprocal manner such that both are meant to serve subordinately to enhance each other.