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Saakashvili utilized the surviving files and apparatus of the Soviet state to penetrate the networks of patronage in Ajara and upper Kodori, and then he suborned the respective warlords' supporters with offers of amnesty and official positions.
It is much more difficult to detect suborned perjury and the suppression of exculpatory evidence because they are not in the legal record.
And guilt-ridden white elites suborn and accommodate them, making their delusions all the more sustainable.
Ostensibly authored by a French Counselor of State, the pamphlet so plausibly laid out the course by which Napoleon could control the Mississippi and suborn the whole South and West into his interest that it contributed to the pressures on President Jefferson that led him to enter into the Louisiana Purchase in 1803.
What happens when politicians suborn state institutions to sabotage INEC and its carefully laid out plans and preparations at the last minute, which was exactly what happened leading to the postponement of the presidential and National Assembly election that was supposed to be held on February 16, 2019?
Mr Modi, pursuing the principle that possession is nine-tenths of the law, intends after May 23 (should the BJP win) to suborn the law.
For all the pressure it puts on me personally, I take pride in answering to a Parliament that is impossible to suborn.
Great powers learn, normally through wars and so on, how to focus on big pictures and then suborn everything else to maintaining the big picture.
He was charged with intimidation of a witness, attempting to suborn perjury and two counts of conspiracy.
This was not a spontaneous outburst but a clearly orchestrated attempt to suborn local democracy.
The crisis consists in nothing less than an effort by the major drug cartels to tame and suborn the Mexican state, and not just in the strip along the United States border, though the epicenter of the crisis is there.
He also finds that even some of those involved in building empires were ambivalent or even in opposition, especially when the efforts to enslave and suborn became progressively more excessive, and that slavery had a complex and surprising role in the American Revolution, a war which was said to be for the liberty of all.