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1997) (describing client's accusation that counsel suborned perjury
It is important to recall that not all informal cooperation is illicit, and that most informal cooperation regards lawfully traded information rather than suborned corruption.
He had long since recruited Mr Brennan as his willing lieutenant in such activities, and in identifying Mr Williams as the person who would fake the blood injury he had selected a player who he thought could be suborned into cheating.
It appears that our Constitution was suborned, that an international treaty was violated, that we as a citizenry were lied to and spied upon illegally, that an illegal invasion of a sovereign country was arranged in order to bring profit to a private army and other political acolytes both large and small, and that our nation has been brought to the edge of penury by a cabal of politically ruthless persons intent on changing our form of laws with the beginning presumption that each and every one of them was above the law.
In this instance, he did succeed in closing the gap, though his intimate ties with her further aroused the exasperation of his enemies, who continued to view him as a conniving Jew who had suborned the Queen herself.
The same anti-Gaveston noble adds 'But were he here, detested as he is,/How easily might some base slave be suborned,/To greet his lordship with a poniard'.
The suborned and complicit Arab kings and presidents who have allowed another Arab country to be torn to shreds (as Lebanon's Prime Minister, Fuad Siniora, described his country's terrible predicament when making a desperate appeal for outside help) look worse than ever.
His chief supporter was Thomas Wentworth, Earl of Strafford, a Yorkshire squire (181), known to Puritans and Parliamentarians as "the Satan of the Apostasy," "the lost Archangel", "the suborned traitor to the cause of Parliament" (193).
She plays around with the speculation that Gouzenko may have been in touch prior to his defection with shadowy western intelligence officials who may have suborned him.
After a parade of rent boys and suborned friends testified against him, Wilde lost his case against Queensberry.
Finally, it argues against the presentation in the guidelines of posthumous sperm retrieval as a medical procedure and contends that, on the contrary, medicine and science are suborned to the exploitation of the dead.
Highland regiments into the British Army--had been suborned by an