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It is important to recall that not all informal cooperation is illicit, and that most informal cooperation regards lawfully traded information rather than suborned corruption.
He had long since recruited Mr Brennan as his willing lieutenant in such activities, and in identifying Mr Williams as the person who would fake the blood injury he had selected a player who he thought could be suborned into cheating.
He has confessed to lying and stealing, and his prosecution sponsors have declared that he is a perjurer, having extorted and suborned his perjury.
The corrupt, suborned and rented governments cooperating with Israel and the US in this venture are beyond shame and beyond reform.
G2 (Irish Military Intelligence) suborned his guards and used a bogus message from Hempel to get Goertz to give details of this mission.
The argument in my play is between a president who is self-interested, corrupt, suborned, and realistic, and his leftish, lesbian, utopian-socialist speechwriter.
His chief supporter was Thomas Wentworth, Earl of Strafford, a Yorkshire squire (181), known to Puritans and Parliamentarians as "the Satan of the Apostasy," "the lost Archangel", "the suborned traitor to the cause of Parliament" (193).
Finally, it argues against the presentation in the guidelines of posthumous sperm retrieval as a medical procedure and contends that, on the contrary, medicine and science are suborned to the exploitation of the dead.
But the amount they were offering me per programme was a fortune in relation to my State pension and keeping the air in my tyres, so I was sort of suborned.
Although I would staunchly defend the equal validity of applied anthropology and its potential to produce leading edge research, it remains that, immersed in interdisciplinary contexts, it is sometimes difficult for practitioners to avoid being suborned into producing the kind of atheoretical writing that one might describe as 'UN-speak' or 'policy report language', and there is some small evidence of this here.
This was a time of political conviction and patriotism, although some agents in place were suborned by money or blackmail.
As he passed sentence he told him: "You were the instigator of this appalling crime and you suborned your sons into doing what they did.