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Condit may have flirted with obstruction of justice by wasting the time of the DC police, and with suborning perjury in asking Anne Marie Smith to sign a false affidavit, but this was not on the Clinton scale of abuse of power.
While this sounds fine in theory, it is tantamount to suborning the interests of the whole to the parochial interests of the represented parties.
The accounting profession itself, until quite recently, has understood independence primarily as a subjective state of mind that ensures the accountant's impartiality and objectivity in the exercise of professional judgment, never suborning it to someone else's desired outcomes.
Saunders focuses particularly on the history of the Congress of Cultural Freedom, a CIA front that did important work in suborning the European intelligentsia.
This also meant suborning its front-rank thinkers and artists.
If you want background on the history and technological evolution of forestry as well as the suborning of the forestry profession, look at Rajala, while if you have the opportunity to influence practices in local forestry, you may want to look at Ecoforestry.
By suborning entire justice systems, they attack the very order of society.
This has not anything to do with sex; it has a lot to do with suborning perjury, tampering with witnesses, obstructing justice and perjury, all of which impact on our Constitution and our system of justice and the kind of country we are.
While people overwhelmingly said Clinton should not be impeached or resign for having a sexual relationship with Lewinsky, and a majority did not even think that perjury would warrant his removal, a majority consistently favored impeachment when asked specifically about suborning perjury.
Sir, - As area officer for the LRTA, I would love to take the credit given to me by A J Gardner and C R Baldwin for suborning councillors to build light rail in the West Midlands but as a historian manque, I regret that I cannot.
Even if Bill Clinton had an affair with Monica Lewinsky, even if he lied under oath in the Paula Jones civil suit, even if he made ambiguous comments that could be construed as suborning perjury or obstructing justice, his actions would not rise to the level of an impeachable offense.
He was devoted to covert action and loved the monkey business involved in the toppling of a nation or the suborning of a source.