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Additionally, the number of AMF, were 1, 2 or 3 across subpopulations. Table I shows a single AMF as the highest occurrence of AMF observed in the population with a distribution of 18.03% and 26.68% in males and females, respectively.
Mean relatedness between individuals in a subpopulation ranged from 0.049 in the Middle subpopulation and 0.250 in Wahlstedt.
Analyses of breeds and litter effect on routine blood traits and T-lymphocyte subpopulation traits in piglets.
This tail is known as the SP and represents a subpopulation of cell with greater efflux ability than the rest of the cells.
Here, we have tested if this is true for the CD3+CD4+CD25+ subpopulation, activated by Tag7 protein.
Such a fact is taken into account by the inclusion of the term -[micro]V(t) in the dynamics of the vaccinated subpopulation. In other words, an efficiency of 100% in the vaccination and that the vaccinated individuals acquire immunization for life are assumed.
After cluster analysis, according to morphometric parameters (length, width, area and perimeter) three morphometric distinct subpopulations were identified.
As we have mentioned, only the defective subpopulation contributes to the failure rate.
Movement metrics for Bear A and a subset of four adult females from the Southern Beaufort Sea subpopulation. The long-distance movement of another adult female previously described by Dumer and Amstrup (1995) is included for comparison.
Rice Consumption: Total Population, Ethnic- and Age-Based Subpopulations
Robustness and Divergence of Subpopulation Clusters