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Spermatozoa in SP2 could represent a subpopulation resulting from cryopreservation process with more resistant chromatin.
Finally, the mean and 95th percentile for raw rice exposures for the Tribal, Asian, and Pacific subpopulation (based on the DNAS distribution) are presented (horizontal dashed lines) in Figure 2.
knowlesi infections that grouped into 3 major subpopulation clusters (cluster 1, n = 449; cluster 2, n = 191; cluster 3, n = 113; online Technical Appendix 2 Table 3).
The present study investigated the sEVs produced by the different subpopulations of mononuclear cells found in peripheral blood and compared the vesicular phenotype to the cellular phenotype.
Discriminant analysis of principal components analysis identified five clusters, indicating that there is population structure within and between the subpopulations (Fig.
Given our seven prey groups, dietary niche breadth for each subpopulation could range from 1 to 7.
The basis of the subpopulation spatial pattern is defined by mature generative individuals who have reached the morphogenesis realization of the species life form.
In our case of multi-population cross-selection, some amount of individuals from one subpopulation migrates to the other subpopulation.
But individual values of the maintenance of lymphocyte's subpopulations fluctuated over a wide range.
In that study, the multiple annual collections were combined to form subpopulation samples from each of 12 locations.
Cytotoxic T cells are a subpopulation of white blood cells that have an essential role in fighting viral infections.