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Consequently, an insurer suing a non-covered person upon such a subrogated claim for supplementary uninsured motorist benefits should properly be required to plead and prove the serious injury in order to obtain a judgment against the defendant on the latter cause of action.
6) Under this doctrine, the refinancing lender will be subrogated to the value of the lien or obligation that was satisfied, including taxes paid upon the property to protect the security subject to the lien (7) and interest from the date the prior lien was satisfied.
1]'s $100 claim has been reduced to $25, and X has an allowed claim of $75, because X is subrogated to [C.
The court also noted that the purpose of subrogation is to ensure that the loss is ultimately placed on the wrongdoer and to prevent the insured plaintiff from being unjustly enriched through a double recovery--namely, from the subrogated insurer and the liable third party.
When a surety completes a contract for a defaulting contractor it becomes subrogated to its rights in the unpaid balance of the contract.
5 billion yen due to the repayment of the subrogated portion of the employee pension fund to the government.
Nevertheless, the rule remains that the insurer's subrogated claim must be brought in the name of the insured.
It also claimed to be subrogated to the statutory rights of the Department of Labor to recover from the mine operator.
As discussed above, reduction of subrogated interests of the personal injury protection coverage or health insurance carrier also can sometimes aid in settling a case.
Both income before income taxes and net income for fiscal 2004 are expected to improve as a result of the above-mentioned increase in operating income and the reduction in the loss amount caused by repayment of the subrogated portion of the employee pension fund to the government from 40 billion yen (previous forecast) to 10 billion yen.
In his new role, Simon will draw on DAC Beachcroft's international network of offices and associations to expand the firm's well-established subrogated recoveries capabilities with an emphasis on large loss international claims as well as high volume claims on a domestic basis.