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An exception to the general rule prohibiting an insurer from subrogating against its own insured may arise where the owner of the motor vehicle lets someone else drive the car and that person causes loss or damage to the vehicle while breaching certain terms and conditions of the policy.
The same news article mentioned above quotes another attorney who calls it a shame that insurers won't provide an "immediate solution" for homeowners by simply settling defective drywall-related claims, and then subrogating against the manufacturers.
74) Certainly X's thing was property of the estate, since the trustee could avoid D's conveyance to X by subrogating himself to [C.
The EMCAS Subrogation and Recovery Team has a successful track record of subrogating losses of all sizes for insurance carriers, London syndicates, and self-insured entities.
Once an insurer finds evidence of product defect, what is the next step in subrogating against the manufacturer?
So, let it be known around the office that we will be subrogating against IBM for producing a hazardous product.