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If you don't have enough money to fully subscribe to the rights offering or are concerned that your exposure to the stock is already too much, then just sell your mother shares or the shares of the company that you already have in your portfolio.
Overall, about 2.6% of TV households paid to subscribe to a traditional pay-TV service in the past year, but currently do not — compared to 2.5% in 2015, 3% in 2014, 1.5% in 2011, and 2% in 2006.
Each right grants its holder the option to subscribe to one ADIB share at 3 dirhams per share.
Rights holders, who are also ADIB customers, can also subscribe to shares through ADIB's mobile phone app.
To receive SVOD customers must first subscribe to a premium TV package.
Customers can subscribe to packages for calls, text messages and mobile Internet at a discounted price.
Find out more and subscribe to the eNews at
Garages that subscribe to the Code commit to honest and fair services, open and transparent pricing, completing work as agreed, invoices that match quoted prices, competent and conscientious staff and to offering a straightforward, swift complaint procedure.
The new channel "allows iO TV digital cable customers on Long Island to instantly subscribe to Newsday, using a convenient on-screen order form that is already populated with a customer's name and address.
To subscribe to the Yahoo groups listserver: The homepage for the listserver is:
The Austrian government and a group of Austrian banks will fully subscribe to the issue, Austrian said.
Subscribe to JAN and together we will dig into practical advice and answer feedback, update readers on upcoming events, illuminate the successes, missteps, and potential mergers of Japan's automotive giants, and ponder such conundrums as why a used Toyota Harrier (Lexus RX300) once cost more overseas than a brand new one in Japan.