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Increasingly, they must add services to attract and maintain subscribers, but they can't afford to absorb the costs of these new services and still remain competitive.
While on the phone, UMP's Text-to-Speech service enables subscribers to listen to e-mail and send e-mail attachments (such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and other file formats) to another fax number.
CDMA transmits subscriber information over the same band of frequencies at the same time but uses unique codes to differentiate subscribers.
Newark's expert statisticians testified that they were able to estimate how long each subscriber would continue to subscribe to each newspaper as of the date of the Booth liquidation.
Our technology has the proven scalability and performance to allow operators to profit from subscriber access at multiple levels - network, application, resources - enabling new revenue streams, and a rich subscriber experience that improves retention and maximizes profitability.
The Bridgewater solution will ensure that subscribers are provisioned to access services on demand, have access only to authorized services and that revenue for use of these services is realized in real time.
This exclusive report then provides you with an analysis of the country's competitive environment, analyzing the fixed, mobile and Internet markets in terms of players, number of subscribers, market share.
In addition, the Contact Center allows subscribers to select call screening rules for their contacts, including always sending a caller to voicemail, to a fast busy signal (blacklisting), or allowing a person to reach them when their number is set to "Do Not Disturb" (white-listing).
Pakistan mobile subscriber growth by operator, 2005-September 2006
Among the technologies, x digital subscriber line (xDSL) continues to be the predominant access technology, accounting for 67.
From Fitch's perspective the cable MSOs will continue to strike a balance between HSD subscriber growth and ARPU stability.