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Table 3 Telefonica subscribers in the LAC region 2010 - 2014
Table 4 Telecom Italia subscribers in the LAC region 2010 - 2014
The opportunity: Offering your subscribers automatic, remote data backup over the Internet as a premium service.
By offering remote, automatic data backup over the Internet, you can better serve current subscribers and keep them from jumping to a competitor.
With millions of subscribers and hundreds of millions of voice mails or e-mails that operate on different systems, there is now a way to combine them economically and efficiently.
Without it, a fraudulent subscriber can continue to use roaming service even after being disconnected by the home carrier.
Three alternatives were considered by the District Court to value the acquired "paid subscribers:" (1) the market approach, which uses prices paid for subscribers in transactions that can be used for comparative purposes; (2) the cost approach, which determines the value of an existing subscriber based on the cost of obtaining a new subscriber, allowing for the age of the existing subscriber; and (3) the income approach, which uses the present value of the expected cash stream generated by a "paid subscribers" asset over its limited duration to calculate its value.
As service providers deploy new applications and content to meet subscriber demand and competitive pressures, the Application Policy Controller provides a robust software solution to manage and monetize the complex and dynamic relationship between subscribers and applications.
Malaysia - Forecast broadband internet subscribers - 2015; 2020 Year | Lower growth scenario | Higher growth scenario Subscribers1 (million) | HH2 penetration | Subscribers1 (million) | HH2 penetration 2009 | 3.
To meet the needs of its one million plus subscriber base, SmarTone-Vodafone is planning a number of service initiatives.
Chart 38 Mexico Prodigy Infinitum ADSL subscriber lines and annual change 2003 2012
Table 277 - KT's smartphone subscriber trend - Q4 2009 - Q1 2012