subsequent reflection

See: hindsight
References in classic literature ?
It is only subsequent reflection upon this reference to the past that makes us realize the distinction between the image and the event recollected.
A philosopher fallen to betting is hardly distinguishable from a Philistine under the same circumstances: the difference will chiefly be found in his subsequent reflections, and Lydgate chewed a very disagreeable cud in that way.
Nevertheless, the fragments of text that do hint at this, along with certain groupings of paintings, set the tone for subsequent reflection.
response of "Surely he hath borne our griefs", and in the succeeding "All we like sheep", the singers of the Huddersfield Choral turned on a sixpence between the light, bouncy opening statement and the chilling subsequent reflection that "the Lord hath laid on him the iniquity of us all".
Robinson highlights the varied methodological approaches to researching youth and the conflicting conclusions from such studies, particularly in relation to the impact on policy formation and the subsequent reflection in youth justice practice which may not be meeting the needs of young people.
PPG solar-heat-management coatings technology is based on development of novel pigment dispersions, or Stainers, that increase transmittance of near-infrared energy, or heat, through a dark coating and increase the subsequent reflection from a white underlayer.
On the other side of every crisis comes clarity; and while Parmitano now realizes that "space is a harsh, inhospitable frontier and we are explorers, not colonizers," I find his subsequent reflection most poignant.
Fidel's subsequent Reflection on 9 June will only add to speculation from our civil society and diplomatic contacts that Fidel is obsessed with President Obama," the paper quoted one memo, as saying.
5) Subsequent reflection invites a feedback loop linking the community intervention to an analysis of class-related theory and practice (Shulman, Beisser, Larson, Shelley, & Thrane, 2003).
If the tactility of the objects on display in the exhibition did not immediately register with viewers (for its apprehension takes time), reading Chrissie Iles's excellent catalogue essay on Mendieta's films should prompt subsequent reflection on the importance of this sensation.
His subsequent reflection upon the inadequacy of current political discourse to do justice to an act of so-called "international terrorism" is completely omitted.
By the subsequent reflection paper Jackie had experienced enough in the methods course to state, "Slowly, my mind is making the transition from the behavioral approach (how I was taught) to the constructivist approach (how I wish I was [sic] taught