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Let us consider, then, the action neurotags that underlie movement sequences of dance in a dancer returning from injury: the desired movement outputs subserve the Newtonian and aesthetic requirements for the performance; however, a potentially broad array of modulatory neurotags that represent credible evidence of danger (for example, those neurotags that represent cues that the body part is broken, vulnerable, or weak) will influence motor outputs that subserve protection rather than performance.
From "below", it subserves semiotic levels above by providing them with the potential meanings that are their semiotic wherewithal (as, for example, when semantic memory makes meaningful speech possible) or by entraining processes that will do so.
Because the PMd seems to execute concrete stages of the decision making process (Badre & D'Esposito, 2009) as preparatory responses and in the processing of spatial information (Schubotz, Anwander, Knosche, Von Cramon, & Tittgemeyer, 2010), it is not surprising that the PMd area subserves both roles during causal judgment (Limongi Tirado et al.
Part of Vermeule's answer, in the sensitive and philosophically adept excerpt from that book presented here, is Kantian: Kant's appeal to the way we experience a harmony of the faculties in positive aesthetic judgments of the beautiful--judgments whose content has nothing to do with the teleological aims of reproductive success--stresses the way we separate aesthetic judgment from the practical goals such judgments usually subserve in ordinary life.
interactions among members of the trinity) do not subserve any manifest purpose, Volf captures certain nuances of giving and forgiving that suggest a thoroughly Christian lens on enhancing relationships.
The agro-industrial practices of mono crops, "green revolution," and GMO's destroy the irreplaceable topsoil, fungi, and insects that subserve our food supply.
The first language text would subserve the purpose of a convenient frame of references.
Again, some parts subserve generation (GA I 1, 715a11-12), that is, some material causes have as their final cause an efficient cause.
But according to Republican Senator Lyman Trumbull of Illinois, this was because he "communicated no more of his own thoughts and purposes than he thought would subserve the ends he had in view.
These include frontal-striatal-parietal neural networks, known to subserve the "holding on line" or capacitance function of working memory, while frontal-striatal-temporal neural networks play a key role in short-term memory acquisition.
the true ideal, both for the missionary and his convert, is to do what will best subserve the cause of Christ .
The vitamin D endocrine system, besides playing pivotal roles in calcium homeostasis & bone mineral metabolism, is now recognized to subserve a wide range of fundamental biological functions in cell differentiation, inhibition of cell growth as well as immuno modulation.