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This framework predicts that any credible evidence of danger, represented within the cortical body matrix by modulatory neurotags, has the potential to influence both movement commands and bodily feelings subserved by action neurotags.
The court held, inter alia, that a trial court may grant a new trial when it is satisfied that the verdict is not supported by (or is contrary to) the evidence, or is convinced that the verdict is not in accord with the clear weight of the evidence and that the ends of justice would be subserved by not vacating it, or when the verdict is not in accord with either law or justice.
The concept of large-scale neural networks suggests that cognition and complex behaviors are subserved by multifocal neural systems rather than specific anatomical sites within the brain (Mesulam, 1990).
Emotional behavior is subserved by a phylogenetically older brain system than that which subserves cognition,[23] so that continuity of emotional expression would be expected during the course of dementia.
Cawdray A3) is illustrated and semiotically subserved by a concrete, material a nd hence maternalized one.
The motor cortex is potentially involved in a number of different functions, each subserved by a different brain circuit," contends Apostolos P.
Fodor insists that much of our cognition is subserved by nonmodular systems.
To see the point, and to bring the entire variable structure closer to view, observe that multiple realization correlates a higher-level property F in one-many fashion with a range of base properties G through H such that, minimally, it is possible for an instance of F to be subserved by an instance of G and not H, and on another occasion, H and not G (a particular system could instantiate the adding function (F) by activating a neural cell assembly (G) and not an Intel 80486 microprocessor (H), and vice versa).
There he was certified to have no clinical functions subserved by the brain stem or cerebral hemispheres.
In snapping shrimp, differences in reflex activity are subserved by differences in numbers of axons to the paired claws (Govind and Pearce, 1988).
The intersection between the individual and government that lies at the heart of constitutional democracy dictates a number of normative values to be served by procedural due process beyond the limited utilitarian goal of cost efficient accuracy, although the goal of accuracy is properly subserved within this broader, normative value structure.
The public welfare cannot be subserved merely by walking blindly in the old nits.