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that these outputs are influenced by a potentially vast array of other "second level" brain-grounded neuroimmune representations that subserve credible evidence that the physical self is in danger and needs protecting; and 3.
The dynamics of higher-level processes--their rates of contextual and lower-level sampling, and intra-level activity--typically are slower than those of the lower-level processes which subserve them.
Together, these results indicate that integration of activity between structures, including the PIVC, thalamus, higher-order visual areas, and hippocampus, subserves the perception of self-referent space and motion in a manner distinct from the oculomotor or other motor responses.
Based on these results, we believe that the mid-DLPFC and the PMd serve a common purpose in both the lexical and periphrastic conditions whereas the VLPFC and the RLPFC subserve specific language-driven task demands.
The idea that art subserves social cohesion is at least not tautological, and it has considerable explanatory value.
22) in the construction of binary categories in the culture, which in turn subserve the morbid intentionality of classifying the Other.
Moreover, as "each behavior is represented in multiple sites and each site subserves multiple behaviors" (Mesulam, 1990, p.
Emotional behavior is subserved by a phylogenetically older brain system than that which subserves cognition,[23] so that continuity of emotional expression would be expected during the course of dementia.
As an activity that subserves the humanities, literary study fulfills its purpose best when it is fully aware of the aims and character of what it subserves.
formalize in a hierarchical structure in which one signifier is subservient to another and whose structure is isomorphic with that of the patriarchal familial hierarchy in which wife subserves husband.
This model describes an integrated cortico-limbic-reticular system that subserves a process needed to start, maintain, and switch attention capacity.
Also, G has maximal context sensitivity if and only if the set A which G subserves has infinitely many members.