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In what ways do today's family codes liberate or dominate, create subservience or mutuality?
According tot he EBF, it it is unacceptable that Aquino is leading the continued subservience by the country to the US.
Mustafa Alloush, a former MP and Future Movement official, said Suleimani's remarks have confirmed Hezbollah's subservience to Iran.
SIR - Mr Royston Jones argues that devolution has failed due to the Assembly's subservience to Westminster; this I fear is totally inaccurate (Letters, Oct 12).
There is no special relationship whatsoever, but complete and humiliating British subservience to American policy, the sole result of which is that Britain is paying the price for anti-Americanism all around the world, especially among Arabs and Muslims.
The burka is not a sign of religion, it is a sign of subservience.
He may have many faults and made many mistakes during his presidency, but I cannot think that Mbeki was ever an agent working in a Western conspiracy to keep Africa in continuing economic subservience.
He said that the subservience to the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) and abidance by the teachings of Islam is key to success of Muslims in this world and Hereinafter.
That meant the next government would be weak due to its subservience to conflicting interests, he said.
France is a country where there is no place for the burqa, where there is no place for the subservience of women," The Telegraph quoted him, as saying in a speech on French national identity.
Tony Blair's subservience to the US will prove the most useless and most costly involvement in our history.
Summary: The burka, or face covering some Muslim women wear, is "not welcome" in France because it is not a symbol of religion but a sign of subservience for women, President Nicolas Sarkozy said