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Manila Bishop Broderick Pabillo said the incident at Panatag Shoal and reports of reef destruction in the area could indicate a 'creeping subservience to China.'
The source concluded by saying that the current Arab situation and the collusion of certain Arab regimes with the nation's enemies have set the stage for this disgraceful US decision, which requires correcting the Arab situation and putting an end to the course of subservience, lethargy, and conspiracy followed by these regimes, and it requires building a unified Arab stance that reflects the will of the people and that can defend the nation's interests and existence.
It is no exaggeration to say that the Cyprus Republic's subservience to Moscow is similar to that displayed by countries of the Warsaw Pact.
To sum up repeated oscillations between neoclassical and Keynesian economics in defining mainstream economics reveal the profession's opportunistic subservience to business needs.
Iraqi Christians had been given a OchoiceO of converting to Islam and paying the Islamic tax as a sign of their subservience I or death.
Unfortunately, he used a different standard here than in his letter to the Ephesians, and left generations of believers arguing whether subservience or mutuality best typify the Christian family.
He focuses on humiliation as a tactic of inducing subservience that also has the tendency to provoke more radical reactions by the humiliated.
He tells the story of a female slave, connected to her owners by family ties, who protests against mistreatment and abandons her position of subservience just as the tides begin to turn.
Pro-Iran Maliki and Syria war risk fracturing Iraq Iraqi Premier Nouri al-Maliki's drive to sideline the country's Arab Sunnites, his harassment of ethnic Kurds in autonomous Kurdistan, his subservience to Iran and his support of the Syrian regime risk fragmenting Iraq and embroiling Jordan.
IN TWO years' time the Scots will be asked the most important question in over three hundred years: do you want to pay the full market price for the right to wave your own flag and become a sovereign nation, divorced from the country that kept you in subservience and stole your oil?
This awful propensity to subservience, whether it be to royals or religion, must be mankind's worst trait.
Manila: President Benigno Aquino's "subservience" to the dictates of the US is putting the country at risk, an inter-faith group said.