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of gross subserviency to the crown, or of violent political
What is less often noted is that such vigilance committees, while sometimes eagerly "showiingl their subserviency to the slaveholders" (64), also sometimes used the mob's license to physically terrorize and punish white owners whose wealth and position they resented (Wyatt-Brown 183-85).
265 in the RL series) noted that 'if there is one feature more noticeable than another about this last and best of Mr Hall Caine's many romances, it is the remarkable subserviency of the whole plan of work to stage effect.
A further, more trenchant criticism was that the caucus involved members of Congress in the task of selecting the president, which, as John Quincy Adams noted, "places the President in a state of undue subserviency to the members of the legislature.
He suggested, for example, that if one were to describe "the great system of public police" as a system--that is, if one were to describe "the connexions and dependencies of its several parts, their mutual subordination to one another, and their general subserviency to the happiness of the society"--then it was "scarce possible that a man should listen to a discourse of this kind, and not feel himself animated to some degree of public spirit" (IV.
Working-class Burrell perpetuates the ideal of subserviency to accidents of birth and helps keep the ordinary people he left behind suffocating under this medieval dung heap.
22) J D Lang, Transportation and Colonisation, or the causes of the comparative failure of the transportation system in the Australian Colonies; with suggestions for ensuring its future efficiency in subserviency to extensive colonisation, A J Valpy, London, 1837, pp.
Enslaved persons stood at law as "strictly property, to be used in subserviency to the interest, the convenience, or the will, of his owner.
Northern blacks] despise the submission and subserviency of the Southern Negroes, but offer no other means by which a poor and oppressed minority can exist side by side with its masters.