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He continued:" We in the / Iraqiya / welcome Issawi's courageous stance and call on the ministers to make his way and not to make themselves as a malleable tool and humiliated subservient, as some of the Iraqiya's ministers did ".
2) Things of value such as land, monies or a business, which are the property of the subservient party, being possessed or managed by the dominant party
It refers them to the evidence of life close by them, and in fact derived from their own creation and from the animals made subservient to them: "He has created you all from a single soul, and from it He fashioned its mate; and He has bestowed on you four kinds of cattle in pairs; and He creates you in your mothers' wombs, one act of creation after another, in threefold depths of darkness.
They also ''implied that the judiciary is subservient to Mr.
If you expect others to be subservient to you, then maybe you should look at your services first.
The parties, which say the deal makes India subservient to Washington, will call for a vote of no confidence in the government.
In his final chapter, he offers some interesting suggestions as to why noblemen would have sponsored literature that showed them in a subservient position to women, in particular, that such literature helped nobles deal psychologically with the increased constraints on them from royal power, the church, and even the civilizing effects of courtly behavior.
The Christian Bible depicts women as subservient to man, and at times treated as property--but at the same time, does women's liberation lie in the same book?
Pat Robertson took time out from demonizing liberals, saying wives should be subservient to their husbands, and threatening the assassination of Hugo Chavez to .
But perhaps Doug would prefer to see all the benefits provided by the Assembly, (particularly to senior citizens) withdrawn and for our proud nation to remain subservient to Westminster for hundreds more years.
Projects range from a subservient chicken character to yellow wristbands to generating jokes on blogs.
Birmingham is a beautiful and lively city, but unfortunately it is unassertive and seems to accept its second city status and remain subservient to the greater power in the South.