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Since, the Supreme Court has declared the people of GB as citizens of Pakistan and also has taken cognizance of the matters, presented before the Supreme Court relating to GB and the federal administrative authorities have also extended some chapters of the constitution of Pakistan to the GB through the 'proposed order', so, it is suggested that, despite, introducing a Supreme Appellate Court subservient to the PM, the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of Pakistan may be extended to the GB.
They said their lack of formal objection to the application should not be taken as an indication of their support, and that the council should seek "a more subservient solution which retains more of the existing fabric and ensures the original building remains predominant."
Even the Swinging Sixties with its claims of liberation perpetuated the notion that the ideal female should be subservient to the male with blatantly sexist advertising.
"Qatar is on way to become subservient to Iran as it allows Tehran to breach its sovereignty, control its foreign policy matters and run its domestic affairs", they said, noting that now Doha has become the mouthpiece of Tehran, and turned to be its main agent and spy in the Arab region.
Why do we continue to accept such colonial, subservient domination?
[USA], Jun 17 ( ANI ): Female college students who believe women are subservient and who endorse music media's degradation of women are more likely to be involved in an unhealthy sexual relationship, according to a recent study.
What kind of act is this?" Erdoy-an asked during an address at the 5th Religion Council hosted by Turkey's Religious Affairs Directorate, adding: "[Islamic] science cannot be subservient to politics; but politics can be subservient to [Islamic] science."
Support Service operations subservient to operate the plant Versatile Le Sibille, located in the municipality of San Casciano Val di Pesa (Florence) in operating activities for "preliminary storage (D15)" municipal waste transfer station, CER 20 03 01, and removal of the same.
Instead he yearned for a simple hermetic life to share with a like-minded and subservient wife.
Rather than tread common ground, however, the authors have endeavored to scour the world and bring to light twenty individuals responsible for "some of digital history's more unusual stories." The result is an eclectic compilation that ranges from the use of social media in Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign to a winning digital campaign for the beauty brand Dove to the unlikely story of Burger King's viral sensation called "Subservient Chicken."
(1) Party being subservient to the dominant mind and will of the other party as a result of age, state of health, illiteracy, mental disability, or ignorance
Such choices used to be taken under the comfort blanket of a subservient populace and effective intimidation.