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It was spacious enough in all conscience, occupying the whole depth of the house, and having at either end a great bay window, as large as many modern rooms; in which some few panes of stained glass, emblazoned with fragments of armorial bearings, though cracked, and patched, and shattered, yet remained; attesting, by their presence, that the former owner had made the very light subservient to his state, and pressed the sun itself into his list of flatterers; bidding it, when it shone into his chamber, reflect the badges of his ancient family, and take new hues and colours from their pride.
Did he see himself, a white-haired decrepit man, bending his hitherto inflexible theories to appointed circumstances; making his facts and figures subservient to Faith, Hope, and Charity; and no longer trying to grind that Heavenly trio in his dusty little mills?
Erdoy-an asked during an address at the 5th Religion Council hosted by Turkey's Religious Affairs Directorate, adding: "[Islamic] science cannot be subservient to politics; but politics can be subservient to [Islamic] science.
Support Service operations subservient to operate the plant Versatile Le Sibille, located in the municipality of San Casciano Val di Pesa (Florence) in operating activities for "preliminary storage (D15)" municipal waste transfer station, CER 20 03 01, and removal of the same.
Abdul Malik Baloch, Senator Rabbani said that the Frontier Corps should be instructed loud and clear that it was subservient to provincial government.
He continued:" We in the / Iraqiya / welcome Issawi's courageous stance and call on the ministers to make his way and not to make themselves as a malleable tool and humiliated subservient, as some of the Iraqiya's ministers did ".
2) Things of value such as land, monies or a business, which are the property of the subservient party, being possessed or managed by the dominant party
It refers them to the evidence of life close by them, and in fact derived from their own creation and from the animals made subservient to them: "He has created you all from a single soul, and from it He fashioned its mate; and He has bestowed on you four kinds of cattle in pairs; and He creates you in your mothers' wombs, one act of creation after another, in threefold depths of darkness.
Most unlikely because the Tories are as subservient to the Americans as New Labour.
This American vengeancebent reaction is typical of the bullying attitude that now prevails there and to which the British now seem to be totally subservient.
The letter "Women and Islam" (Letters, April 2009) points out that Islamic law often forces women into subservient social and religious roles.
Groups that are considered subservient or consider themselves subservient and relatively powerless in a system play games such as these.