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57) Naturally emergent functional organization is not reducible to the physical processes subserving it, because it essentially constitutes ontologically emergent forms of constraint (systemic boundary conditions) on the trajectories of subserving physical processes.
We are already familiar with several brain structures and complementary cerebral networks subserving adults' private speech processes, including their dysfunctions underlying the etiopathogenesis in some clinical populations.
The researchers used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to determine the effects of caffeine consumption on brain activation in a network of modules subserving the short-term memory of 15 healthy adult volunteers during a working memory task.
Nothing in Searle's biological naturalism or in Hawkins' account of intelligence requires that our capacity for consciousness couldn't be computable and thus a property of a machine, once we understand the functions of the neural processes subserving consciousness.
Changes in some homeostatic systems, such as those subserving respiratory and temperature control, are characterized by decreases in the sensitivity of the responsiveness of the regulatory system or in the threshold level of the relevant controlled variable (e.
All such slates are, materialists believe, a function of the brain, so why should we suppose that it's just these states, as opposed to more mundane brain processes subserving ordinary cognition and perception, that get reality right?
A novice-expert comparison of (intra-limb) coordination subserving the volleyball serve.
According to the authors of this study, "these findings underscore the fact that the knowledge system subserving place learning can acquire and store spatial information independently of the actions that the animal must use to navigate to its goal" (Keith & McVety, 1988, p.
The cerebellum and basal ganglia help to mediate visual, vestibular, and proprioceptive interactions and coordinate the proprioceptive reflexes subserving balance.
160-161) has suggested that the more professional ideas or specialist processors "expert systems," perhaps subserving aspects of "crystallized" intelligence, may apply more in regions posterior to the sulcus centralis, whereas posterior cerebral structures may be involved in "fluid" intelligence.
The developing field of cognitive neuroscience, however, is beginning to outline brain architectures in which such interdomain association is a property of convergence between distinct and distributed neural systems, each subserving specialized modal functions.
elegans LIM homeobox genes, ttx-3 and lin-11, in a neural circuit subserving thermoregulatory behavior (5, 6, 7).