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if your symptoms are severe, follow a liquid diet or eat soft foods in small amounts until your symptoms subside.
Evil, like the locusts will eventually subside and in the meantime, she quotes from Canadian theologian John Stackhouse, "What do you think about God and evil?
Susan Ganson, director of quality and education for CCAC, suspects the notable drop in the concern about staffing might be attributable to providers' hope that regulations will subside, allowing them to tap into the creative skills of their employees.
I have now stopped running and am waiting for the lump to subside.
The knee will also hurt whenever the runner starts out on a run (but will subside somewhat during the run) until he/she stops for a drink and then attempts to start again.
Against a starlit sky, soloists emerge from the group in a constantly shifting kaleidoscope of rhythmic and spatial patterns that ebb and then subside long enough to allow notice of damaged women taking tentative steps, painfully raising and lowering themselves onto the ground.
His symptoms would subside when he lay down and closed his eyes for a while.
But you know given a little patience and some rest, usually the swelling will subside, the pain will lessen to an ache, and the day will come when you notice that it doesn't hurt anymore.
Outbursts of movement explode intermittently, then quickly subside.
Symptoms subside as infants develop physically (mandibular growth) and neurologically (improved control of the tongue musculature).