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The subsiding wave showed them on the ground, some lying motionless, others squirming and writhing.
Indeed so very striking was the resemblance between the water and the land, that, however much the geologist might sneer at so simple a theory, it would have been difficult for a poet not to have felt, that the formation of the one had been produced by the subsiding dominion of the other.
It was a very dirty winter's day, and nothing in the whole town looked old to me, except the mud, which in some parts was almost knee-deep, and might have been deposited there, on the subsiding of the waters after the Deluge.
At length Barnaby slept soundly, and the bird with his bill sunk upon his breast, his breast itself puffed out into a comfortable alderman-like form, and his bright eye growing smaller and smaller, really seemed to be subsiding into a state of repose.
Stephen, subsiding into his quiet manner, and never wandering in his attention, gave a nod.
Arthur, fast subsiding into despair, had opened it, when a knock was heard at the outer door.
Now,' said Mr Boffin to himself; subsiding into his regular series of turns in the yard, 'if I can make it comfortable with Wegg, my affairs will be going smooth.
Tulliver felt strongly; and the impetus which had given unusual rapidity and emphasis to his speech showed itself still unexhausted for some minutes afterward in a defiant motion of the head from side to side, and an occasional "Nay, nay," like a subsiding growl.
Total quantity or scope: Lot 1 consists of 53 BFA~s (15 tram gates and 38 with Subsiding piles), which are located in the inner city.
Researchers revealed that the city is subsiding on average of 2 mm per year.
We were not expecting to see signs of the symptoms subsiding immediately, but the fact is that there is stabilisation, which leaves us with the impression that the disease is under our control; however it does not exclude the possibility of complications arising.
In addition to cycles in hurricane activity and warming temperatures, the coastline marshes of the Mississippi Delta that once afforded the coast some protection have been subsiding for decades, mainly because water and oil have been pumped out of the ground.