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After the investigations ended, it was found that the subsidisation ratio is a mere 0.59 per cent, which is less than the minimum ratio (De minimis), according to provisions under the applicable laws in the United States.
The EU has also argued in return that the contract work provided to Boeing Co, the US aircraft manufacturer, by the US Department of Defense amounts to subsidisation.
The debate tends to centre, however, on individual issues, rather than on the concept of aggregate net subsidisation, which is presumably the bottom line of interest in equity considerations[7].
The minister did not explain the government's stance from the file of reducing the prices of gas in energy-intensive factories, but he said that the state is less inclined to subsidise everything, because more subsidisation leads to more consumption.
A big problem faced by the fertilisers industry until recent years had been a massive subsidisation by the state.
Moreover, RES schemes will be subject to the approval of the Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority, while the House Commerce Committee is to be briefed on subsidisation programmes before the responsible body -- the Cabinet -- issues any decisions regarding subsidisation schemes or announces tenders for large photovoltaic systems.
Miners' across the country downed tools in March 1984 following a revelation by the National Coal Board that - in order to rationalise Government subsidisation of industry - it intended to close 20 coal mines which were seen as being crucial to their communities.
According to the company, the new package provides resellers with attractive financial awards, either as an ongoing revenue-share on a wholesale or bureau basis, or as an upfront payment based on the mobile phone subsidisation model.In addition, the new channel programme provides resellers with white label literature, website and e-commerce options along with training and marketing assistance.
Most racecourses exist on the back of interest-free loans from the Levy Board, that effectively means subsidisation by the industry as a whole.
Subsidisation has been prohibited by the WTO and Brazil maintains that changes made to Canada`s TPC programme do not go far enough towards stopping subsidies.
The problem with Egypt's subsidisation of the food and energy sectors does not only lie in the expensive bill that results--which at present is nearly one-quarter of our country's fiscal budget--but also in the undervalued market prices of subsidised products which often leads to overconsumption and a significant amount of food being wasted.
Further analysis has shown that the essence of the problems posed by Chinese competition on the EU market lies in the subsidisation of the mobile telecommunications networks.