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After the investigations ended, it was found that the subsidisation ratio is a mere 0.
The government announced that it will stop subsidisation, including the one provided for factories.
Our view SWOT analysis Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats HSDPA service strategy HSDPA: a bearer for mobile broadband HSDPA already launched in five T-Mobile markets HSDPA device strategy Offering a wide choice of HSDPA-enabled devices Strong subsidisation policy for end-user devices HSDPA tariffs Pricing policy still developing T-Mobile's approach to HSDPA compared to other BWA technologies Figure 1 T-Mobile's HSDPA markets (as of 1 August 2006) Figure 2 Subsidisation of T-Mobile HSDPA datacards Figure 3 T-Mobile HSDPA pricing structure in Austria, Germany and the Netherlands
The problem with Egypt's subsidisation of the food and energy sectors does not only lie in the expensive bill that results--which at present is nearly one-quarter of our country's fiscal budget--but also in the undervalued market prices of subsidised products which often leads to overconsumption and a significant amount of food being wasted.
Usaasa will get R220m for the subsidisation of the set-top boxes to allow the poor to receive digital television.
It also said the threat of handset subsidisation will reduce as converged mobile phone/portable music players increasingly offer enough storage and function capabilities to enable the replacement of both devices at a comparable price.
Faced with the actual prospect of a shrinking customer base, and competitor erosion of their market share, most operators have returned to the prepaid market and to subsidisation of handsets for new customers.
Egyptian negotiators with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) must insist on a gradual implementation of the reduction in petroleum products subsidisation and the Egyptian pound devaluation in order to avoid social tension and anger from citizens, according to former Minister of Finance Samir Radwan.
A big problem faced by the fertilisers industry has been a massive subsidisation by the state.
Other measures proposed were the reduction of electricity rates paid by hotels, the subsidisation of flights from specific destinations and the lowering of airport charges.
Al-Garhy said: "Al-Sisi's government made bold decisions, including, opening the door for private sector to produce and import gas as well as restructuring subsidisation, no one can deny that.