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PL 216:823, "ad exstirpanda vitia et plantandas virtutes, corrigendos excessus, et reformandos mores, eliminandas haereses, et roborandam fidem, sopiendas discordias, et stabiliendam pacem, comprimendas oppressiones, et libertatem fovendam, inducendos principes et populos Christianos ad succursum et subsidium terrae sanctae tam a clericis quam a laicis impendendum.
a Time Warner Cable Company and premier provider of enterprise-class hosting, managed applications, managed messaging and managed cloud services, today announced the addition of 11 new Master Agents to its growing partner roster: ChaseTek, CNSG, Connectivity Source, Glacier Communications, One Connect, Subsidium, Synnex, Telarus, Teledomani-MPG, Telegration, and VGE.
Le mot << subsidiarite >> provient du latin subsidium, qui signifie << aide >> ou << assistance >> (Schutze 2009a : 244).
Schneck, who co-chairs Catholics for Obama, notes that the word subsidiarity comes from the Latin root subsidium, or help.
Brad Guest is a partner at Subsidium Healthcare based in Atlanta.
It is well-known, nowadays, that etymological roots of the word subsidiarity are situated in the Latin words subsidium, subsidiarius, having initially the significance of reserve or aid, in the modern period the meaning accessory or complementary element.
Riley (London: Rolls Series, 1864) 77: "Item, conceditur omnibus transeuntibus suis propriis sumptibus et expensis, vel etiam alicujus expensis, plena remissio peccatorum, et tot privilegia conceduntur secure transeuntibus [sicut transeutibus] in Terrae Sanctae subsidium conceduntur.
5-7 (FF, 2306): "Capellanum etiam cum uno socio clerico bonae famae, discretionis providae, et duos fratres laicos sanctae conversationis et honestatis amatores in subsidium paupertatis nostrae, sicut misericorditer a praedicto ordine fratrum minorum semper habuimus.
After reminding us of Caesar's statement about the druids and Greek letters, Price asserts that "Brytannis longe ante Caesaris tempora non desuerit literarum subsidium," and puts forward druids and bards as the purveyors of British history.
In addition, Subsidium Health Advsiors was acquired by Tatum in early 2005 in an effort to deepen and expand Tatum's healthcare expertise.
D'Amaro joins SG from Subsidium Healthcare in Atlanta, which he established in 2001.
In the Latin vocabulary the word subsidium initially meant something in reserve or, more specifically, reserve troops: troops used in the case of necessity.