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Preliminary studies, he added, show that Bahrain provides most of those services and basic commodities on subsidization basis and at lower prices than all the countries in the region.
Zhou claimed that the company's LED backlights save 18% more energy, above the 17% required by the subsidization program.
However, even if all classical arguments in favor of public subsidization cannot be dismissed as a whole, most economists argue that these arguments cannot justify the wide prevalence of education subsidies in many countries, in particular in Europe.
The act provided $375 million for HMO development and subsidization of HMO premiums and required private employers with 25 employees or more to offer HMOs.
The Caux Round Table (CRT) group welcomes the recent decision 'to seek an end to national subsidization of agricultural production', made at the Doha Round of negotiations on trade liberalization.
According to officials, the project involves the introduction of 10,000 natural gas-powered taxicabs as well as subsidization through PTT Public Company, Ltd.
IPP said the title covers overlapping policy areas that are shaping the framework of European, American and global antitrust law and policy, including cross-border litigation, international enforcement, trade policy, subsidization, market access and related issues that arise from global business and investment.
Trade Representative, American dairy farmers have been hurting because of Canada's long- standing subsidization of its dairy industry.
Three mobile operators is unusual in a country with a mobile penetration of 61% and around 30 million mobile subscribers--but together with the subsidization ban this has paved the way to three financially healthy mobile operators.
If we really want to talk about affordability, we've got to look at subsidization.
Massive ethanol subsidization is another political stratagem pushed by the White House and leading Midwest lawmakers, led by Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle (D-S.
The determination of foreign subsidization is done by the U.