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Eliminating corporate welfare is a moral imperative: We should not be asking senior citizens and the poor to tighten their belts while our government subsidizes the sale of American chardonnay to the French.
A family allowance would subsidize not only the cost of child care provided by others, but also child care services provided by the parent.
By the second model, the Government is going to fully subsidize the down payment the sum of which depends on the size of the loan.
They also note that widespread building regulations requiring developers to provide parking for each new shop, office, and apartment effectively subsidize drivers.
Summary: Parliament's Public Works, Transport, Energy and Water Committee is set to convene Wednesday to pass a measure to subsidize heating oil.
And that beats Fujioka's proposed alternative - that they further subsidize the waste and corruption in City Hall.
Re ``Illegals subsidize Social Security'' (April 5):
That perspective explains why the Bush administration has worked to subsidize the growth of Mexico's industrial base.
And, to add insult to injury, he stated, federal programs subsidize natural disasters, but "if you get bombed, you get nothing.
Canada is one of the few developed country markets in the world that does not subsidize and protect its sugar producers.
Bush also boasted of his administration's efforts to subsidize minority home ownership: "[W]e're providing down payment assistance.
The politicians have used it to subsidize practically everything that human beings could want, from housing to hospitals, from science to string quartets.