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It's not a gold mine, but what we do for the external community in a lot of cases helps offset the services we subsidize for the university community," says Auxiliary Services VP Aughenbaugh.
A family allowance would subsidize not only the cost of child care provided by others, but also child care services provided by the parent.
Summary: Parliament's Public Works, Transport, Energy and Water Committee is set to convene Wednesday to pass a measure to subsidize heating oil.
During the past year, the feds began to subsidize biodiesel to the tune of $1 for every gallon.
Of the 32 properties with HUD mortgages that matured during the past 10 years, 16 have rental assistance contracts that continue to subsidize at least some units, and 10 of the remaining 16 that GAO was able to contact offer rents that are affordable to tenants with incomes below 50 percent of area median income.
To add insult to injury, not only will kids who did not break any laws be denied entry to the campus of their choice; their parents will be forced to subsidize the children of those who did not play by the rules.
Drivers pay, in the form of gasoline taxes, for the roads they use, and not all the taxes go to build roads-a substantial fraction now goes to subsidize the buses and subways of municipal transit.
It is immoral and un-American for the government to tax working people, who straggle to make ends meet, to subsidize corporations - or anything else.
Trying to find ways to subsidize diaper services is probably not the best way for a professional environmental advocate to spend her or his time.
It touches on all aspects of the health care controversy - the high cost of new medical technologies and patients' access to them, the critical need for outcome data to validate new therapies, add the issue of who should subsidize medical research - the federal government, policyholders, patients, or manufacturers.
The Government decided to subsidize the interest rate of the new credit line provided from the European Investment Bank of 50 million euros for financing small and medium businesses and other priority projects.
The nation's home builders have called on the Bush administration to rescind punishing tariffs on Canadian lumber imports following last Friday's unanimous ruling by a North American Free Trade Agreement panel that Canada does not subsidize its lumber industry.