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In 2017, the government was selling subsidized fertiliser to farmers at Sh1,800 but this season, the price has been reduced by 33.
At Choppies supermarket, the subsidized packets were unavailable and those on offer However, the brands on offer cost between Sh110 and Sh149.
The memo said that 15 percent of the dollar-denominated subsidized loans will be dedicated to the productive sector.
The Ministry said that during the early parliamentary elections, the commission in charge wasn't selecting applicants but once the required legal conditions were in place, over the course of July, a total of 69 subsidized home loans of last year's call were approved.
A proven tool to address this reality and to share risk with employers is subsidized or trial employment agreements developed between employers and workforce agencies or their contractors where the goal is to underwrite all or part of the wage for an agreed-upon period and with clear expectations that the employer, based on evaluation of the worker, will convert the job to an unsubsidized position.
The Punjab government have been supply wheat flour on special subsidized rates to provide a facility to faithful during the holy month of Ramazan.
Pakistan Kissan Ittehad President Khalid Mehmood Khokhar believes that providing subsidized agriculture machinery to farmers is not delivering results because of the demand -supply issue.
GB: The only supply of new affordable housing in Canada has been subsidized by governments or charitable organizations--and even that is in decline.
To avail the special package, beneficiaries have to bring their CNIC along with the vouchers, to any Utility Store near their residence to avail the subsidized items.
Law 36 provides a legislative cover to criminalize the smuggling or attempting the smuggling of subsidized oil by-products.
People are not fools, and they know who made unlimited number of subsidized cylinders to 6.
By presenting permissions for the subsidized housing loan, we are marking the first anniversary of the government-run project.