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companies facing direct competition from subsidized foreign carriers, is remarkably similar to what happened to U.
Therefore, crime perpetrators shall be punished by imprisonment of not less than six months nor more than three years, and a fine of not less than the value of the goods before it was subsidized nor more than threefold its value, or one of the two punishments.
He said that 10 kg wheat flour bag was being sold at Rs 310 while five flour mills in the district were providing subsidized flour at the centers set up at Ramzan bazaars.
Adding he said that the sale of subsidized flour under Ramzan Package was being started today in special Ramzan bazaars and the supply of 20 kg bags would be started in open market from tomorrow (Monday).
The Bakeries Association has previously said that subsidized bread was being smuggled to Syria, warning that Lebanon could face a bread shortage if the government fails to increase quantities of subsidized wheat flour.
By presenting permissions for the subsidized housing loan, we are marking the first anniversary of the government-run project.
After the implementation of the subsidy cap, domestic subsidized LPG is available for Rs.
KZHF official source said that President Khalifa has directed them to expand the subsidization project to include new food items in addition to the rice and flour, which have already been sold to citizens at subsidized prices since long.
SCAF Head demanded not to increase the price of subsidized bread.
The current scenario, where ENOC has to bear the burden of higher international fuel prices while at the same time distributing fuel at subsidized rates, is clearly not sustainable or viable for the company.
A division of bakery owners at the General Federation of Chambers of Commerce conducted a study on the production cost of subsidized bread, concluding that the price of flour used by the government in its calculations is lower than what bakeries pay.
adding that it there are other kinds which were added to the subsidized list