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The results suggest that political satirists such as John Oliver have the capacity to serve as information subsidizers, "controlling the availability and interpretation of information about issues" (Gandy, 1980, p.
The factors identified here--the fragmentation and polarization of news media, the potential for political satirists to serve as information subsidizers, the implications of intertextuality for media effects, and the impact of personally relevant digital media consumption--may play important roles across a broad range of policy domains.
Subsidizers and recipients will be motivated to increase their productivity by the immediate or future prospect of increasing their personal income.
Hypothesis 1a: The productivity of both recipients and subsidizers operating under a fair distribution rule will increase over time.
Toll has been one of the major subsidizers of local service, but the FCC and everybody realizes that it has come to an end because of competition.
This is partly because government officials are the only insiders who can act as information subsidizers and serve as predominant sources in the news coverage of international affairs (Hall, Critcher, Jefferson, Clarke, & Roberts, 1978).
The subsidy artificially increases the world price of oil, and as the subsidizers are large net exporters of oil they potentially stand to benefit from this distortion, at the expense of the non-subsidizers.
A first step is to decide which oil-producing countries to label as subsidizers. We identified 24 countries that we include in the group of subsidizers, listed in Table 1.
The only subsidized plan in the market is the NFIP, and I have been a vocal critic of that program for years; consider that Floridians have been, by a magnitude of size, the largest subsidizers of the program for the last 30 years.
by persuading potential subsidizers of the importance of getting their message out to the public and accepted as legitimate experts.
HUGHES: One thing I feel, sitting here with Christine and Peter and Kathy and Paula, is that the great subsidizers of the American resident theatre are the people who work in them.
Since 2000, Amazon has received a staggering $84 million in subsidies from Illinois taxpayers, making the state one of the top Amazon subsidizers. In fact, five of the nine Amazon facilities in Illinois were built with economic incentives from taxpayers.