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The subsidizing will be carried out by the model of 3+6, according to which three months of these people's employment will be subsidized by the government, and in the following six months, the employer will be obliged to keep that person at work or take on another unemployed person.
The ministry also pointed out that subsidizing building materials costed it
On the one hand, Washington is subsidizing the flight of manufacturing jobs south to Mexico, while encouraging the northward migration of low-wage workers from Mexico.
We put maybe one-tenth of one percent of our dollar that we put into subsidizing and promoting foods through the Department of Agriculture into fruits and vegetables," he says.
The speaker's chief concern is that New York's $10 billion is subsidizing national or state programs, such as Medicaid or national defense, where New York pays a higher percentage of taxes than other states and cities, while getting back a lower percentage of aid in return.
Proponents of subsidizing the higher education of illegal aliens argue that kids should not be penalized for the transgressions of their parents who were responsible for having violated immigration laws.
The Canadian International Trade Tribunal began public bearings in Ottawa in July to determine whether dumping and subsidizing has harmed Canadian producers.