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The first of these explanations was given in the Notification published by the CDF in 1985 concerning Leonardo Boff's Church, Charism, and Power, (5) in which Boff had expressed the opinion that the church of Christ can subsist in other Christian churches.
Similarly, man too can only rise and subsist by taking the hand of God and being connected to Him.
Among the accused were a wide range of bodily expressions of advanced holiness: some claimed not to ear at all or to subsist only on the communion host, others manifested mysterious illnesses; the women tended to renounce sex while some of the men appear to have sexually exploited their female followers.
Some are intellectuals selling books specifically about the black experience; others subsist by charging those vendors money to guard their spaces overnight.
The report does not only analyze market trends and investment opportunities in South Africa's liquid fuels industry, but also underlying country and political risks, for instance, taxation discriminations, equity restrictions, operational restrictions, repatriation restrictions, exchanges controls, labor policies, among others - which may only subsist in South Africa's liquid fuels industry that is being earmarked as being key to the initial success of the South Africa's economy.
According to the firm, its background checks have discovered huge prospects subsist for the business in the West African country.
If his $250 fine were to be enforced, because of the sheer enormity of the violators, who mostly subsist at the poverty level, it would only be construed as an attack on the poor by the left-wing media and it would clog the courts for years.
What few "friends" we do have subsist in their sovereign attachment to our apron strings by virtue of our foreign aid largesse.
Given that some bacteria feed off of methane, its formation below Earth's surface could help explain how microorganisms subsist in extreme environments.
Millions of elderly people in this country are forced to live on a state pension on which they can barely subsist.
Hunger is already a constant reality for most Guatemalans; almost percent of them subsist on less than $2 a day.
Conditions, one might say, appropriate for participants in cut-throat global free trade, where the survivors are those who can subsist on the smallest bowl of rice and where social provisions are notable only for their absence.