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The first part of the book gives a biography of Ishi's tribal life, the history of the region, background on California Indians in the region and how they subsisted, as well as information on their language.
While it is heartening to learn that the modern mainstream is learning the value of mixing tart fruits and meats, it's something of a letdown to find that this "novel" antioxidant has been patented, given that Indians subsisted for centuries on fruited pemmican.
The subjects of this documentary, which runs nearly two hours, are the members of a nomadic Tibetan tribe that has subsisted for centuries by extracting salt from a group of remote holy lakes in northern Tibet and trading it for grain.
In addition, since many early armies subsisted on marginal amounts of food, beer and wine consumption added much-needed calories to their daily diets, Badler argues.
He received no salary, but subsisted, he once wrote, on ``alms given by my destitute brethren,'' mission friars who were paid $400 a year in goods - food, wine and other items manufactured at the missions - by the church.
He has subsisted modestly on teaching and readings until now, living 3,000 feet up in the Sierra foothills north of Nevada City.