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After some consideration, he went into business as an Informer, in which calling he realises a genteel subsistence.
80 million under the head of subsistence allowance and about 97 thousand needy people will benefit whereas Rs.
He said this while presiding over a meeting regarding distribution of subsistence allowance among deserving people, here at his office on Wednesday.
They may also claim an overnight subsistence of [euro]72.
The Makah tribe historically hunted gray whales for subsistence and ceremonial purposes, relying on their treaty right of whaling.
The subsistence minimum is calculated on the basis of minimum standards of consumption of basic foodstuffs during a month taking into account the economic trends in the country.
It may be mentioned that Council has already given approval to the increase of subsistence allowance from Rs.
The allowances came on top of their PS79,000 salaries, first class travel expenses and "daily subsistence allowance".
Robert King, Subsistence director, applauded the efforts of DLA Troop Support employees to bring Christmas meals to our deployed service members.
I take great pride in the support members of the Subsistence team have given to the troops to assist them in accomplishing their goals.
Settlement, Subsistence and Change Among the Labrador Inuit: The Nunatsiavumrniut Experience" by the editorial team of David C.
67 subsistence Clr Peter McBride (Labour, Dalton) TOTAL: pounds 3.