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In Figure 2, a graph for an expert's knowledge distribution will be shaped like a thin half tower with a narrow base, as an expert will also need to possess some subsistent knowledge.
The exemplarism I adumbrated in Anselm's Monologion is at the very heart of Bonaventure's trinitarian theology: God is subsistent self-communication, the first moment of which is the generation of the Son, in whom the eternal ideas reside in the Verbum or self-expression.
My reasoning for subsistent being is placed before my reasoning for the uniqueness of subsistent being.
So much of what they have seen is of a primitive, ahistorical people eking out a subsistent existence in the jungle.
Levy is hardly unique in his interpretation: professional scholars have long battled the romantic image of a subsistent economy dominated by self-sufficient, sturdy, and ruggedly independent yeoman.
Poor or marginally subsistent individuals are the ones most vulnerable to exploitation because of their economic desperation.
Part of this challenge arises from Scheler's interpretation of the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics, which, for Scheler, means that real beings are not subsistent, and reveal the nature of Being-itself as something beyond God.
For a third of a century, the regime spent all the resources of the country to amass every conceivable tool of death and destruction to ensure its infinite longevity -- and deprive their people from even achieving subsistent existence.
The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) has put in place dozens of early recovery programmes' to galvanise the region's re-emergence from flood-ravaged former war zone to a subsistent rural economy.
In addition to small revenues derived from carving and the occasional tourist who is charged a modest landing fee, their economy remains largely subsistent.
subsistent being and the Son receives this subsistent being in its