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Dodds explains that Aquinas held divine immutability not only as a tenet of Christian faith, but as a notion entirely coherent with the metaphysics of subsistent being (ipse esse subsistens).
The observation indicates the 1:1 complex formation between hydroxyl group of 1octanol and the amine group of aniline subsistent.
The report also noted that PFOS does "not seem to break down under any circumstances," meaning it is passed up the food chain to whales and other top predators, and then in some cases consumed by humans, especially indigenous Arctic people still hunting marine animals as part of their subsistent lifestyles.
La presentation du manuscrit est respectee ; si la ponctuation en a ete modernisee, elle respecte la langue des Goncourt et celle du dix-neuvieme siecle ; en temoignent les nombreux tirets qui subsistent.
He is also immutable, unchanging, while his creation being subsistent is always in transition.
If you value fresh produce as the most important component of a healthy diet, and the fact that it just tastes better, then you, like myself and others, may choose to pick up the load of work we challenge ourselves to do in the continued blissful, and sometimes disappointing, adventure into subsistent food production.
In my first Lent talk, I said, 'The speaker's aim is to enable the congregation to rise from the simulacra to the subsistent.
Their fishing is purely subsistent, mainly using hand nets, which they place at the water's edge.
Enhanced dry bean utilization focused on improved dietary health is an opportunity within subsistent and developed diets.
Les divers auteurs de chapitre vont au-dela de ces nouvelles evidences, qui en attirant l'attention sur la fluidite des identites ethniques (Niehaus, en particulier), qui en devoilant les ruses du discours politicien (Galaty, par exemple), qui en mettant en evidence les marges de manoeuvre ou d'autodetermination qui subsistent pour les individus ou les groupes en situation de conflit (Englund, Pottier et Tronvoll).
Few roads are paved here, schools take place under the shade of baobab trees and there are endless horizons of red earth, scrub and subsistent maize crops -just how you imagine deepest Africa to be.
Or, face a ce defi sans precedent pour l'Union, des desaccords subsistent sur la methodologie.