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OMCs have informed that as per provisions of Marketing Discipline Guidelines and terms and conditions of the Dealership agreement subsisting between OMC and the dealers, penal action in established cases of adulteration is termination of dealership.
Raffy Tulfo entered into a second marriage, his first marriage is still subsisting,' he added.
Manoj Pandian filed an election petition contending that the respondent had three contracts subsisting with the government on the date of his filing of the nomination papers on April 17, 2006 and that he was disqualified from contesting the poll.
Bryant's rights could "never obtain priority" over those of Butts Park, said the judge, before ruling that the house builders have "no subsisting interest in the ground".
Subsisting on little more than caffeine and asthma meds, the electively bedridden night owl sated his appetite for intrigue through a lively correspondence, midnight visits, and chats with the help.
Now, after nine years of subsisting on rationed corn mush and lentils and living largely ungoverned by adults, the Lost Boys of Sudan are coming to America.
By any standard of measurement much of the world's population is still poor, with individuals subsisting on less than two dollars a day.
It might be subsisting on the sulfur-rich Martian soil underground.
An utterly impoverished population - homeless or living in squalid slums, jobless or subsisting on illegal earnings in the underground economy - has impressed itself on the consciousness of more and more Americans.
The wear pattern displayed by Australopithecus is more similar to that of living primate species subsisting largely on leaves and fleshy fruits.
'In our letter dated 13th February 2019 addressed to the INEC Chairman, the AGF, in reacting to a petition from Magaji Mahmud informing this Office of the subsisting Court of Appeal decision in CA/S/22/2019 which effectively upheld the APC primaries in Zamfara state, wrote to INEC informing them of this development and requested the Commission to comply by extending the time within which the political party may field its candidate in the Gubernatorial elections.
According to a Foreign Ministry Release, The Liberian President assured that as Haiti commemorates this monumental milestone of its history, Liberia extend its appreciation of the historic bonds of cooperation and cordial friendship subsisting between the two Countries and Peoples.