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The relatively even occurrence of the three Nelson's subspecies was contrary to previous perceptions of distribution.
The distribution of subspecies in the HDLs of the 80 participants differed strikingly.
Post and Greenlaw (2009) suggest that canopies over the nests of other subspecies were made by manipulating overhanging vegetation.
It is quite common for wildlife to be named as subspecies without adequate evidence, Cronin indicates, often resulting in lack of consensus in the scientific community.
The age-old rule of sitting another 30 minutes when you think it's time to reposition holds true with an Osceola more so than any of the other subspecies.
Whitetails and Coues deer are the same species (Odocoileus virginianus), and mule deer, blacktails, and Sitka deer are the same species (Odocoileus hemionus), but they're all different subspecies.
The other subspecies wasn't found in the park during the recent survey.
Subspecies: A taxonomic rank below that of species, usually recognizing individuals that have certain heritable characteristics distinct from other subspecies of a species.
The Eastern subspecies is by far the most numerous and wide ranging.
A rare subspecies of stag beetle found only in the Amanos Mountains of southern Turkey is now threatened with extinction as it is being exploited for sale to beetle enthusiasts in countries like Japan, a local conservationist has warned.
It will be several months before DNA studies confirm the plant is, in fact, a new species or subspecies, but based on what he has seen so far, Purcell is optimistic the new plant will check out.
The species, listed as critically endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources, is the only tiger subspecies left in Indonesia.