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The evolutionary biology does not recognize an evolutionary significance of subspecies (Ball & Avise 1992), in conservation practice the subspecies are operationally useful to identify areas or populations at intraspecific level (Cracraft 1983, Ball & Avise 1992, Primack 1998) with specific conservation concerns.
Apparent nest success also was calculated and compared between subspecies by a Chi-square test.
Pureblooded" Florida panthers often suffer from heart and reproductive system defects, the result of decades of inbreeding, leading some scientists to maintain that the best way to preserve the subspecies is to hybridize them with Western cougars, enhancing the breed's genetic variability.
The mean halfsib family performance of each parental genotype for each forage quality trait was calculated for both SFC (SFHS) and within subspecies crosses (WHS).
The Mexican gray wolf is the most rare and genetically distinct subspecies of gray wolf in North America but have not been seen in the United States and Mexico since 1970 and 1980, respectively.
According to the study, to be announced at a meeting Tuesday of zoo experts in Fukuoka Prefecture, the New South Wales subspecies of koala is a mix of the other two -- Victoria and Queensland.
thuringiensis subspecies, mainly, israelensis (Bti) for targeting the larval stage of blood-sucking flies (Dipterans) and kurstaki (Btk) for targeting foliage-eating larvae of moths (Lepidoptera) (1,2).
There are only about 450 Siberian tigers left in the wild, but some experts believe that, because of the opportunities that exist for expanding its habitat, it is the subspecies with the best chance of surviving long into this new century.
During this study, 13 external morphological characters from nearly 700 individuals representing four subspecies of Terrapene carolina (Terrapene carolina bauri, Terrapene carolina carolina, Terrapene carolina major, and Terrapene carolina triunguis) were measured.
Along this gradient are found three major subspecies (Cronquist 1994), ssp.