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noun bar, barrier, constraint, constriction, control, damper, determent, deterrence, deterrent, fetter, hindrance, impediment, inhibition, obstacle, obstruction, obtrusion, obviation, predisposition, presumption, prohibition, restraint, restriction, retardation, stoppage, thwarting
See also: bar, barrier, constraint, control, damper, deterrence, deterrent, disadvantage, fetter, frustration, halt, impediment, obstruction, obviation, prohibition, restraint, restriction, stay, veto

PREVENTION, civil and French law. The right of a judge to take cognizance of an action over which he has concurrent jurisdiction with another judge.
     2. In Pennsylvania it has been ruled that a justice of the peace cannot take cognizance of a cause which has been previously decided by another justice. 2 Dall. 77; Id. 114.

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Traditional adolescent substance use prevention programs are premised on broad-based approaches that target the general public or on selective programs that target specific groups (for example, ethnic minority groups, college students, or people with dual disorders) according to their risk of alcohol and drug use and abuse (Donaldson et al.
Nonetheless, social workers will need to support future substance use prevention programs more effectively by using contributions from practice, theory, research, and policy perspectives.
Deviance and deviants: Why adolescent substance use prevention programs do not work.

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