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The authorities fined the milk sellers for selling substandard milk and made clear that the administration would continue the drive against unhealthy and low quality milk.
The PFA also initiated action against the unit where the substandard cooking oil was manufactured.
Since 2013, WHO has received 1500 reports of cases of substandard or falsified products.
The group also recommended the filing of charges against local manufacturers and hardware store owners selling substandard steel bars.
He said the discovery of the warehouse was an offshoot of intelligence reports that also stemmed from two earlier raids on warehouses with substandard construction materials in Laguna and Cavite.
The two nuclear reactors at Gori Nuclear Power Plant were immediately shut down following initial reports of the fabricated warranties on December fifth to have the substandard parts replaced.
People are not able to discriminate between spurious, misbranded and substandard medicines.
The existing substandard annuity market already is highly competitive, and sellers seem to focus on marketing large, relatively risky substandard annuities for use as vehicles for paying the premiums for products such as long term care insurance, the researchers write.
Thus, firms are attempting to create a mortality arbitrage wherein life insurance companies will issue policies on a standard basis that the investment firms believe to be substandard from a mortality standpoint.
The nation faces a shortage of housing; housing is unaffordable for many poor families; and much of the available housing, especially rental stock, is substandard [Joint Center for Housing Studies (JCHS) 2004].
Andrew Wesley (Breaking bannock on city streets, December) and am brought to tears to remember how we treated native people as substandard human beings and so effected destruction on their families and way of life.
Total loan commitments classified as either substandard, doubtful, or loss fell $78.