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Essence; the material or necessary component of something.

A matter of substance, as distinguished from a matter of form, with respect to pleadings, affidavits, indictments, and other legal instruments, entails the essential sufficiency, validity, or merits of the instrument, as opposed to its method or style.


(Essential nature), noun actuality, basis, body, content, core, drift, essence, essential part, force, gist, heart, hypostasis, idea, import, marrow, material, meaning, pith, principle, purport, reality, res, sense, significance, signification, soul, sum, tenor, vital part


(Material possessions), noun assets, command of money, corpus, estate, fortune, income, means, money, ownership, property, resources, revenue, riches, treasure, wealth, wherewithal
See also: amount, article, body, bulk, capsule, center, composition, connotation, consequence, construction, content, contents, contour, cornerstone, corpus, element, essence, gist, gravamen, import, importance, main point, materiality, meaning, money, object, point, possessions, property, purpose, quantity, reality, shape, significance, signification, spirit, structure, sum, value

SUBSTANCE, evidence. That which is essential; it is used in opposition to form.
     2. It is a general rule, that on any issue it is sufficient to prove the substance of the issue. For example, in a case where the defendant pleaded payment of the principal sum and all interest due, and it appeared in evidence that a gross sum was paid, not amounting to the full interest, but accepted by the plaintiff as full payment, the proof was held to be sufficient. 2 Str. 690; 1 Phil. Ev. 161.

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But as evidence accumulates about the dangers of excess iron, other scientists argue that it's a lack of iron--not too much--that endangers substantia nigra neurons.
80% of clinically diagnosed Parkinson's disease cases show nonspecific diffuse atrophy; 20% show mild visual decrease in the width of substantia nigra of midbrain.
In fact, some studies have previously suggested that there is a high density of zolpidem binding sites in the globus pallidus and in the substantia nigra, which are the output structures of the basal ganglia.
Research has confirmed that symptoms of PD are a result of progressive dopaminergic cell death in the substantia nigra pars compacta of the basal ganglia (Bergman & Deuschl, 2002).
Changes in vascularization in substantia nigra pars compacta of monkeys rendered parkinsonian.
Recent studies at Johns Hopkins and Pennsylvania State Colleges have found evidence for brain iron deficiency in an area called substantia nigra as a cause for primary RLS demonstrated in cerebrospinal fluid studies.
Motor symptoms typically become apparent when the substantia nigra--a portion of the brain important for movement--has lost 50% or more of its dopaminergic neurons.
it is produced as a result of high signal intensity in the tegmentum with preserved normal signal intensity in the red nuclei (eyes of the panda) and lateral portion of the pars reticulata of the substantia nigra (ears of the panda), and hypointensity of the superior colliculi (chin of the panda).
Parkinson's is a devastating neurodegenerative disorder caused by the death of dopamine neurons in a key motor area of the brain, the substantia nigra (SN).
The cerebellar dentate nucleus should be examined for atrophy/degeneration, and the pigmented brainstem nuclei, the substantia nigra, and locus coeruleus evaluated for pallor.