substantial cause

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The article reads that the agreement does not confer any additional rights or obligations on the parties with regard to actions taken under the safeguards agreement, except that a party taking a global safeguard measure may exclude imports of an originating good of the other party if such imports are not a substantial cause of serious injury or threat thereof.
This means that if a utilitys equipment is found to have been a substantial cause of the damage in the event like a wildfire even if the utility has followed established inspection and safety rules the utility may be liable for property damages and attorneys fees associated with that event.
The charges say that breach of duty amounted to gross negligence and that it was a substantial cause in the death of the boys.
Guinea worm disease was once a substantial cause of illness in tropical and subtropical Africa and Asia, but cases declined as water sanitation improved in the 19th century.
This dampened global mood gives substantial cause for international concern.
During that assault he suffered injuries that were the substantial cause of his death.
Judge Bourne-Arton, the Recorder of Middlesbrough, rejected the defence's claims, saying jurors could safely find that the assault was a substantial cause of death.
Elaborating on his agenda as a presidential contender, Sabahi told FNA on Sunday that his country's "relations with Iran were severed for no clear reason (over thirty years ago) and Egypt had no substantial cause for this action, therefore, I demand establishment of a coalition by Egypt, Turkey and Iran on the basis of an Egyptian plan".
Pneumococcal disease is "a substantial cause of illness and death," and about 300,000 adults aged 50 years and older are hospitalized for pneumococcal pneumonia annually in the United States, she added.
Melanoma is the most lethal form of skin cancer and represents a substantial cause of productive years of life lost to cancer, especially when occurring in young persons," the authors write as background information in the study.
According to the Centre for Disease Control (CDC), polio remains a substantial cause of disability in polio-endemic countries, like Nigeria in Africa, and Afghanistan, India and Pakistan in Asia.
However, during the assessment of the application, FANR found substantial cause for concern that the company's radiation protection arrangements did not meet the Authority's requirements.

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