substantial cause

See: gravamen
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During that assault he suffered injuries that were the substantial cause of his death.
Indeed, the prosecution submit his driving was a substantial cause of the accident but it was not the sole cause.
Judge Bourne-Arton, the Recorder of Middlesbrough, rejected the defence's claims, saying jurors could safely find that the assault was a substantial cause of death.
The USITC concluded that imports had increased, (179) that the domestic industry was seriously injured, (180) and that the increased imports were a substantial cause of that serious injury (181) Based on these findings, the Commission recommended that the President impose a four-year quota on wheat gluten.
Elaborating on his agenda as a presidential contender, Sabahi told FNA on Sunday that his country's "relations with Iran were severed for no clear reason (over thirty years ago) and Egypt had no substantial cause for this action, therefore, I demand establishment of a coalition by Egypt, Turkey and Iran on the basis of an Egyptian plan".
Melanoma is the most lethal form of skin cancer and represents a substantial cause of productive years of life lost to cancer, especially when occurring in young persons," the authors write as background information in the study.
According to the Centre for Disease Control (CDC), polio remains a substantial cause of disability in polio-endemic countries, like Nigeria in Africa, and Afghanistan, India and Pakistan in Asia.
However, during the assessment of the application, FANR found substantial cause for concern that the company's radiation protection arrangements did not meet the Authority's requirements.
I think our findings show that it is an endemic illness and a substantial cause of febrile illness.
It is,we say, an inevitable conclusion the defendant's assault was a substantial cause of her injury and her death.
Prosecutor Richard Pratt QC told Liverpool crown court: "It is, we say, an inevitable conclusion that the defendant's assault was a substantial cause of her injury and her death.
Although this is a substantial cause of Iran's pain, the pain caused by further economic sanctions would be quite real.

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