substantial form

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The airy phantoms that flit before the distempered imaginations of some of its adversaries would quickly give place to the more substantial forms of dangers, real, certain, and formidable.
And the individual's substantial form is the whole range of the individual's actuality, including not only what places it in a species but what makes it that particular individual.
Now, understood through the lens of Aquinas, man as such is a reference to the substantial form in union with common matter.
While offering thanks to those brave heroes is never a substantial form of gratitude, Janesville, Wis.
In the course of this analysis Aquinas' influence by Aristotle leads Amerini to retain the latter's conception of "the rational soul" and argues it's "a substantial form and the first act of an organic, physical body that has life potentially.
For example, Gotthelf suggests that his own irreducibility thesis is the key to understanding the metaphysical thesis of the unity of substantial form.
Substantial form is a crucial notion which was troublesome already to late Scholastics and became a target of criticism for modernists.
This is a high-risk strategy, especially given the more substantial form France and England bring into the Six Nations.
When anybody gets dropped they need to show that they're in substantial form and score enough runs to justify their position in the side, show they've come back a better player.
section] 5 highlights a complication of Aristotle's conception of matter and argues that in H 6 Aristotle understands the genus of a substantial form as intelligible matter, thus allowing intelligible objects like substantial forms to have a hylomorphic structure.
Nevertheless, Avicenna defends the doctrine that a substance cannot be infinitely divided without losing its substantial form.
Sugden has substantial form when it comes to setting things alight, and he's already the most likely candidate for the nuisance calls and robbery.