substantial meaning

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Every Taunina teddy bear is a work of art of the highest standard of craftsmanship, a vehicle for social awareness, and a gift of substantial meaning.
The Software on Demand (SoD) or Software as a Service (SaaS) market is growing very fast and so bearing an updated offer in this area has a substantial meaning.
They have no substantial meaning that could provide food for thought.
I don't see any substantial meaning in the government's move to
This is by far the longest work under consideration here (430 dense pages), and at times the detail seems overwhelming, threatening to distract the reader from the story's more substantial meaning to the history of the period.
The IQ can be given substantial meaning and interpreted correctly in relation to the "total" picture which includes the markings of history, i.
The submission for approval has substantial meaning for Cambridge, Mass.
In my opinion she so starkly asserts the disharmony of reason and nature that she cannot provide any substantial meaning to Kant's concern with uncovering connections between them (pp.