substantial number

See: bulk
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A SUBSTANTIAL number of Conservatives would help defeat attempts to repeal the ban on hunting with dogs, Liam Fox has said.
This is the second time recently that Wharton Equity Partners acquired a substantial number of storage facilities in the same market, repositioned them, and sold the portfolio to an institutional investor.
More than 21 000 real estate professionals, including a substantial number of architects, pay [euro] 1400 each to register (work out the revenue for yourself), thereby gaining access to the Palais des Festivals where cities, regions and companies promote their wares to the further financial benefit of the organisers.
When we get a major exploration program or mine development, we need quite a substantial number of skilled people for that project and those people just don't exist.
In addition to running this country like their personal corporation they've managed to convince a substantial number of Americans that what they're doing is right.
In the event that a substantial number of Representatives were killed in an attack, it might take too long for the states to hold special elections to fill the vacancies, worry commission members.
When an OSHA proposal is expected to have a significant impact on a substantial number of small entities, the agency must convene a panel of employees from the agency, the Office of Advocacy and the Office of Management and Budget to review a copy of the draft proposed rule and related agency analyses under the Regulatory Flexibility Act.
A substantial number of passengers tote large quantities of Dunkin' Donuts.
Rugby AC has in the last few years developed into one of the top clubs in the Midlands and UK with a substantial number of international athletes in its membership, and last season the senior ladies track and field team reached National League Division One status to rank in the top eight in the UK.
First, the Securities and Exchange Commission revealed that a substantial number of financial analysts own stock in the companies they follow, and may thus be compromised by their dual roles as financial oracles and cheerleaders.
The only way we will be able to achieve what they are asking is by cutting a substantial number of jobs.