substantial quantity

See: bulk
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According to market sources, substantial quantity of Indian-origin grey cloth is making its way illegally via Dubai into the local market.
The water resources are contaminated with bacteria, arsenic and other toxic elements in substantial quantity.
Unchained Capital is the first company to solve a fundamental problem for individuals holding a substantial quantity of Bitcoin: how to achieve liquidity without selling their investment.
The search warrants were implemented at Cartimar Shopping Center, Pasay City, leading to the seizure of substantial quantity of fake Stance items.
According to DPO Kohat Sana Ullah Khan, credible information was received to the DSP Headquarter Abdur Rasheed Khan that some unscrupulous elements were planning to bring substantial quantity of drugs in the city en rout to Orakzai agency Reacting on this information, the SHO of police station usterzai inspector Nazir Hussain along with police team commenced snap checking at marai police check post.
Dawn Cartwright, from the NCA said: "This operation has prevented a substantial quantity of heroin reaching the streets of the West Midlands and fuelling further criminality.
Olive orchard cultivation throughout these potential areas of Punjab could produce substantial quantity of oil which would bring down olive oil import bill.
She said: "Officers conducted a thorough search of the property, resulting in the recovery of a rifle, a substantial quantity of ammunition and equipment to make ammunition.
Border Force regional director Phillip Holliday said: "Officers have stopped a substantial quantity of class A drugs ending up on the streets of the UK.
The donation of a substantial quantity of biscuits means that the IDPs food rations get supplemented immediately, whereas cash donation has to go through various processes before goods are supplied to the intended beneficiaries.
The State Bank of Pakistan has decided to keep the policy rate unchanged at 10 percent on government's assurance of dollar inflows in a substantial quantity which would help in reducing the domestic debt.
Seven arrests were made, a substantial quantity of cocaine and cash was recovered and 29 vehicles seized.