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The court acknowledged that the Supreme Court arrived at its definition of "direct" in Weltover after determining that there was no unexpressed requirement of substantiality or foreseeability.
Depriving people of their due ontological substantiality, of their 'constitutional' right to dignity, one makes the interests of freedom, respect and self-respect, freedom of conscience irrelevant.
Thus, the substantiality of all partnership allocations, regardless of when they became part of the partnership agreement, must be retested without the benefit of the de minimis partner rule.
Relation of Activity to Taxpayer's Primary Occupation and Substantiality of Income Received from Sale
section] 107(3) (2006) (stating that this factor turns upon "the amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole").
97) Yet, the court held when it comes to sampling a sound recording, a de minimis defense does not apply, and a license is required for any sampling, regardless of its size or substantiality.
Sculpture tends toward not just the monumental but the momentous, its stillness and substantiality being apt to bring on 'big questions' and lofty sentiments.
Yet, one could argue that such a definitive interpretation of anatman as a denial of the substantiality of the self is not entirely justified in light of the Buddhist literature.
Anderson's comments confer a certain substantiality to these two writers that makes it worth our while to "rediscover" them.
Avicenna does not believe that transition with regard to substantiality occurs over a period of time, which means that if a substance loses its substantial form, which has no contrary, that process happens immediately and not gradually.
Besides these interpretation difficulties, which should be, as noticed above, specific and to exist into their substantiality, the law, in order to be considered as being interpretative, should settle the controversy emerged in the jurisprudential interpretation, but in line with this controversy.