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Obviously, on average, the individual deals we were looking at in 2006 were substantially larger," Davis noted.
CPAs from jurisdictions that NQAS considers substantially equivalent are presumed to have appropriate qualifications.
An interesting point related to the issuance of a profits interest: a true profit interest substantially vested at the time of issuance has no liquidation value immediately after it is issued.
2701-1(b) (3)(i) adds, "common stock with nonlapsing voting rights and nonvoting common stock are interests that are substantially the same," this is simply a restatement of the exception for common stock discussed previously.
A new, more effective vaccine would be expected to improve TB control substantially, and therefore, vaccine development is one of the highest priorities in TB research (4,5).
However, these odds were substantially reduced among women who had used the pill for 5-9 years (0.
TEI's overarching concerns with these regulations are the potential they pose for (1) substantially increasing compliance costs without a commensurate improvement in the quality of information supplied to the IRS, (2) increasing uncertainty for taxpayers, and (3) heightening the risk of underpayment penalties for foot faults relating to inadvertent failures to file disclosure statements for reportable transactions.
With the substantial equivalency criteria in place, a state must insert "enabling language" within their accountancy statute or regulations that will allow CPAs from other substantially equivalent states to practice within their state without obtaining a license or reciprocal certificate.
The first definition of a disability is "a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more of the major life activities of such individual.
Retail sales were up substantially over the summer after having edged lower during the spring.
Savings and loans have substantially left the real estate market, banks and insurance companies are reducing their mortgage loan and real estate equity exposure, foreign capital has substantially dried up, pension funds are shying away from real estate and the limited partnership syndication business is a shadow of its former self.