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To establish the existence or truth of a particular fact through the use of competent evidence; to verify.

For example, an Eyewitness might be called by a party to a lawsuit to substantiate that party's testimony.


verb actualize, affirm, attest, bear out, bear witness, certify, circumstantiate, corroborate, demonstrate, embody, establish by proof, evidence, make good, materialize, objectify, prove, ratify, realize, reify, substantialize, support, uphold, verify, vindicate
Associated concepts: substantiate a claim, substantiate charges
See also: adduce, attest, bear, cite, confirm, corroborate, demonstrate, document, establish, maintain, probate, prove, quote, realize, seal, show, state, support, sustain, uphold, validate, verify, witness
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De minimis exception to substantiation requirements: "A comment proposed that employees receiving $1000 or less per year in reimbursed expenses be exempted from the requirement to substantiate the elements of the expenses, other than business purpose, to the employer.
In response to Imran's allegations of allotment of plots worth millions to Ahad Cheema by Shehbaz Sharif, the minister challenged the PTI chief to prove allotment of just one plot, and demanded him to apologise to the Punjab CM and the nation, in case of failure to substantiate his allegations.
In addition, testing will be completed at the Boeing Transonic Wind Tunnel in Seattle to substantiate the forecast of the high-speed performance of the aircraft.
Our investigation confirmed two civilian deaths during the events which occurred on Monday, November 8, and we found no proof to substantiate the toll advanced by the polisario Front which said 36 civilians or more were killed," Peter Bouckeart, Human Rights Watch's emergencies director said in an interview published on Sunday by the Algerian newspaper "El Watan".
It challenged whether SoSM could substantiate claims that the wind farm was a threat to Whisky Glens and its wildlife, and that it would deter visitors from returning to the area and accommodation providers would suffer "a cash loss".
The significance of these gaps may determine an investigator's ability to substantiate the allegation under investigation.
She also says that documents substantiate that the CIA knew the pseudonym and location of the famously malignant Holocaust manager Adolph Eichmann as early as 1958, but did not provide the information to Israel, which had been seeking him since shortly after the war.
It warned him he has 14 days to substantiate his claims and co-operate with the enquiry or his case will be passed on to the FA and he will be charged with bringing the game into disrepute.
To substantiate this claim, she then states, "nearly one-quarter of 625 primate species are in peril.
in which the former, an employee benefits software company, will introduce its debit card payment-processing system, which will electronically substantiate the over-the-counter flexible savings account (FSA) spending of Walgreens' customers.
This column is for inquiries submitted to DAV members and other interested persons attempting to locate persons to substantiate a claim for service-connected injuries.
Since those rules are elective and the taxpayer avoids having to substantiate actual expenses, Continental must take the bad with the good--the permitted deduction does not necessarily represent the actual expense.